Astrology no doubt helps in knowing a lot about an individual’s personality and traits. Each person has a birth sign or zodiac according to their birthday months. These reveal a lot about an individual’s nature and traits. Each of our zodiac signs have some qualities or traits unique to us. It becomes important for us to know the nature and personality of the zodiac signs to know them better and understand them. Do you know someone who is free-spirited, outrageous, adventurous and loves humour? If yes, they might be a Sagittarius. If you are planning to date or get into a relationship with the Sagittarius, it becomes important for you to know the personality and nature of this sign. So, that it becomes easier for the ones planning to understand them better. The Sagittarius are natural leaders. They like to discover new things, explore and have excitement in their life. One can never get bored in the presence of this sign. They are quite independent and unemotional. They have good leadership skills and are the life of the parties.

So, if some of you are planning to date or get into a serious relationship with the sags. Then this might be of some help to you. Let's find out some pros and cons of dating the witty Sagittarius.

Now the ones who love adventure or exploring, then Sagittarius is the right choice for you. Sagittarius is very outward, adventurous and fun-loving. they like discovering and exploring new things. They are very spontaneous and you might expect little surprises of dates turning into small road trips. They like meeting new people and getting new experiences in life. They like experimenting on things and do things out of the box. Their personality is very jovial. People like being around them. They are full of energy and like bragging about their adventure trips to their friends and family. One thing that any person would love in their partner is a good sense of humour. and Sagittarius will never disappoint you. They are one of the most wittiest of all the signs. They have a very beautiful and infectious smile.  They believe in living their life to the fullest. They can turn any serious moment into a fun trilling event and be the light of any event.

Love for Sagittarius is a feeling that they enjoy. They love being in a relationship and they like showering their partner with special gifts and flowers. They constantly keep them reminding that they love them. You would find them hearing the word love very often. Although they don’t feel emotions that deeply and keep changing their interests and emotions. They are very open-minded and don’t shy away from expressing their feelings and desires. They are very open about their sexual desires as well. They like fun and experimenting with love and sex life. They are quite optimistic about life. You can expect hot sex with the Sagittarius partner. They are fun and experimental. It can be everything but boring. Falling in loved with them is like a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs.

They give their partner the much-needed freedom and space that is required in a relationship. If you are one of those who like space and time for them then Sagittarius can be a good choice as they also love freedom. They are quite social and like being with friends and meeting new people.

Dating a Sagittarius can be tricky too at times. All have some good and bad qualities in themselves. But it is for us to figure out whether we can bear up with it or not. They are very inconsistent. They have changing mood swings. Their interests and desires keep on changing. They change things very quickly whether it is fashion, clothes or relationship. On the one hand, they can be very happy and on the other side, they might become extremely stubborn. This becomes difficult for the partner to handle.  Sagittarius love to take charge and be the leader of the group. They want to rule the world as per their whims and fancies. They are dominating which is not always appreciated by their partner.

Another con that would not qualify them as a partner is that they are very adventurous and social and if you are not one of a kind it will become difficult for you to survive. For them, excitement is the key and if their partner is not exciting and fun-loving their interest in them goes fading. They don’t believe in commitments and want freedom and independence in their life. So, expecting them to be serious and committed in a relationship is a big no. if they are bond and not given the freedom it will become difficult to survive with them. They may sometimes confuse their partner. They will give mixed signals to the ones they are interested in and that becomes difficult to figure out whether they actually like them or not. This is another trait not really liked by the ones planning to date them.

They always need something fun and new in their life and if they are not entertained, they might lose interest in you. They like their partner to appreciate their humour and expect the same from them. They want their partner to be as adventurous, free-spirited and outspoken as they are. They like being positive and so they expect the same from their partner. They don’t want their partner to cry over small things or be gloomy always. They want their partner to be happy and make them smile as well. They don’t like people who are shy or don’t cast their opinions on topics now and then. They want their partner to be free to express and give opinions on topics and things that require attention. If you are not one of those, you can be a big turn off for them.

So, now you know what can you expect from this fire sign. It will become easier for you to make your decision and enjoy dating a Sagittarius.