You will grab the attention of everyone and anyone with the help of your witty nature and quick communication skills. You will flatter someone by the way you try to know them.

A very deep conversation is there on the card on your first day. You love asking many questions to your partner too.

Dating a Gemini can be pretty amazing. You will read and try to find more about your partner’s weird interests even when you don’t like them.

However, you can end up sending mixed messages even without noticing it. This can be a bit of a problem for you and your partner.

Pro of Dating Gemini: Gabbing

You have a lot to talk about. You have great knowledge about almost everything and this will never bore your partner.

You can be extremely good with helping your partner, giving them advice or suggesting creative and new ideas.

Your partner can talk to you about movies, books, friends or family as you have a great amount of knowledge in every genre. The only point of time when you can be silent is when upset. 

Con of Dating Gemini: Not Good with Boredom

You need a lot of attention and excitement in life. If you start getting bored in a relationship, there are chances that you might just consider ending it.

You will try to look for ways to avoid boredom. However, you tend to get bored very rarely but when it happens, you get moody and very tough for your partner to handle.

Your partner has to make sure that he/she keeps you filled with exciting things to do and fun topics to talk upon.

Pro of Dating Gemini: Social

You will always be the life of the part no matter what. You tend to outshine when with other people.

You are likely to adapt yourself even when out on a date with your partner. Therefore, you are very good at fitting in.

The best part is that your partner can easily take you home and their parents will simply love you. You are nice, charming, and good at adjusting.

Con of Dating Gemini: Need Space

You would not prefer to stay with your partner all the time. You will want time with yourself and your work in order to finish all the projects.

You just cannot tolerate a very clingy or needy partner. Your partner will have to give you enough space from time to time.

Pro of Dating Gemini: Romantic

You know exactly when to start a charm. You will know exactly how your partner is what they like.

You will make your partner feel pretty comfortable around you by making good jokes. You will make a move at exactly the right time.

However, being a big flirt, even after getting serious about your partner, you will still remain pretty flirty. You will find it very difficult to not flirt with others when in a relationship but you will soon get used to it.

Con of Dating Gemini: Bad Attention Span

Since you get bored easily, you will try and look for new things to do. You will end up flirting with someone else or in the extreme situation even cheat.

You can get distracted easily when your lover is talking to you. You will act as if you are listening but when being asked about the topic your partner was talking about, you will have no clue.

Pro of Dating Gemini: Good with Long Distance

You are pretty good at handling long-distance relationships. Therefore, if anyone is looking for a partner online then they should definitely go for you.

All you want is for your partner to talk on a daily basis with you. You will want to fill the gap eventually but by that time, your partner will be comfortable doing the same too.

You love to take things slow and hence a long-distance relationship is more than perfect for you.

Con of Dating Gemini: Too much flirting

If you are flirting with your partner in order to win their heart, it will be considered cute. However, things will get nasty if you are caught by your partner flirting with someone else.

Your partner will get frustrated if they see you giving too much attention to some other woman. However, since you are not someone to get jealous easily, you will never understand your partner’s feelings.

Therefore, all in all, a Gemini has good as well as a bad side. One has to love you in a way that they want your companionship forever in order to make them yours.