Process, Purpose and Importance of the System of Kundli Milan

Process, Purpose and Importance of the System of Kundli Milan


Vedic Astrology has been an important part of the Hindu Religion in predicting the future, for Kundli Milan of two people, reading horoscopes and natal charts.  Through the system of Kundli Milan, one can also study the positioning of the planets, signs along with their malefic as well as positive effects in all of the twelve houses. One of the main goals of Kundli Milan is to erase away the negative energies and vibes that might have the probability of trouble or impact the relationship of two people.


While the reading and processing of the Kundli of a person, certain qualities, aspects are factored in order to determine the relationships, companionship, etc.

Janam Kundali is a picture of the planets and the many zodiac signs that are placed in twelve houses. The picture comes into form with the time of birth, place of birth and date of birth of the particular person and all of this explains the weaknesses and qualities of the person.  The probability of occurrence of events at various levels and spheres of life.


When moving forward with getting two people married, the Kundli Milan the gunas are matched, and the doshas are studied and analyzed in order for a better relationship and marriage to happen, also to avoid troubles, arguments and a loss of things or people. Because it is not just binding two people together but two families together.


How Kundli Milan is performed?


Kundli Milan can be done by assessing the two aspects of a person’s life: the birth date and name if not the detailed Kundli matching. The birth date is also known to be as life path number, the name to be known as the soul urge number, calculating and evaluating these numbers help determine the possibilities and probabilities. Now based on these probabilities further factors in the qualities and characteristics to be able to predict the future relationship of two people.


The matching time of birth and date of birth via Kundli Milan is crucial to take into account the birth charts, placements of the zodiac signs as well as the several planets posited in all of the houses, look for the doshas and yogas separately so that it is clear understanding the difference between charts of two people separately and how will it affect them together and their married life as well.


Not only this the Kundli Milan also helps to determine when is it right and what is the ideal job to start and work in. whether its a new job or a new business venture, Kundli Matching is the way to go. It will tell you about the favorable, unfavorable, benefits and demerits and negative vibrations that the person will face in the future because of his past karmic actions.


The positions of Mars, Moon, and Saturn planet especially decide what will the future of the person will be like, either good or bad. But most importantly it also tells you about the remedies and solutions to diminish and reduce the malefic as well as the troubles, obstacles, and hindrances in the life of a person.



Conclusion: Kundli Milan is not just a system but it is a window into the future and how to make it better by understanding the issues that might happen and having the solutions in advance to avoid letting it ruin the relationship either with the family members, lover or a business partner. It takes into account the study of doshas, yogas, characteristics, the birth date, name of the person to make an accurate future prediction.