Principles of life that everyone knows, but only a few follow

Principles of life that everyone knows, but only a few follow

Life is a beautiful mess, it constantly reminds us of how small we are — against the gigantic substances breeding the earth religiously, we human beings are made-up of zillion cells each accumulated with its strength and weaknesses internally, remain wholly touched by this stirring narrative. Life makes us procure the great and the worst treasures of the universe.


While some people cry over spilled milk, others boast of procuring wishful surprises of patience, which whips us back and forth till we unlock the chains of breaking up with life. But people don't ponder upon thoughts that provoke satisfaction despite the fact relishing all the life's blessings. Even their meager needs shoot to constellations of stars. In Violence, people caress their nimble minds with thoughts which are too old for their age.

By the time, people procure what have they wished for longing for several years, they tend to anticipate the anthill of things from life more often than ever. It never stops there. The constant barrage of hands to feed our frantic appetite for superficial materialism passes through stages of life, from grazing our pride with precious and high-rank jobs to never-ending footprints of laboring, working from here and there relentlessly, just to fulfill the mere purpose of man-made inventions, really, to picture it, in reality. 


People don't follow a disciplined life diligently, they often misuse the word 'discipline', because it takes efforts and nobody on the earth that we are aware of wants to follow the life of rules. Life is a tire of fast-pace elements gushing through our earthy nerves, those who don't manage to arrange their lives to become the target of this unbearable rush.


It's so significant that people put their hearts and mind into what they do and not just ignore even their smallest duties and responsibilities. Your work can shape the world and inspire many only if you diligently work into all parts and not just half. There are parts that are bound to make things complete. There are half parts and full parts. Perseverance can only be honestly procured by doing those full parts with sincere and much heed.

Millionaires did not become millionaires and owners of luxurious, million-dollar mansions with a blink of an eye, these people swelled into intense hours and blood and sweat. 


Life is simple but we human beings have gone to an extent to exploit the definition of simplicity too.  Life should be taken as it is, without mending the God's ways. One must put their heart and trust in one higher force before stressing over things that we so recklessly prepare for. As they say, the best things come unprepared. We are definitely not in high - school, where a kid prepares for his mathematics test, because numbers need calculations, isn't it? Life is not made up of numbers, instead, a blend of elements make up what life is.


Once you breathe and relax, you will start taking heed of little things and the fine beauty attached to it. Life breathes out an array of things that are real but seem superficial. The beautiful flowers which come in numerous varieties, one maybe not even aware of many with strange names but give out the most natural delicate smell. Some people across some parts of the world, even eat flowers, since beauty is in simple things, look at the vast beautiful oceans, colored different hues of blue. There is not a definitive definition of beauty. It comes in all shapes and forms and sizes, beauty is madness, mad enough to pull your heartstrings and knot you under several flavors of beauty.


God is in the small things, and where there is God, there is life in everything. Even an odd shell you picked up on the sea-coast while soaking yourself under the balmy breeze of the light-blue sea, shells breathe life, the life which we are unaware of. We are often left off with chances of relishing life's smallest things, and instead, find ourselves taking advantage of them. We don't take much heed over certain things that hold life within itself. We are so used to exploiting our lives, other lives, their lives, that we forget, there is life beyond this exploitation.


People stress over things that they cannot control; human beings have the greatest wealth of the world but when death comes? Death comes knocking on your metal-plated, gold-plated, steel-plated doors without informing you, without your permission, without any promise, without any contract, without any news, without any reason, without anything, death just comes. Likewise, we often tend to lose control over life's ugliest battles.


Change is constant, change never dies, change comes with hard-hitting challenges, change comes while informing you, change drives you to follow your passion and dreams. Never turn your back at change, the word itself leaves a huge impact. Change is necessary. Most people feel satisfied with old-school, traditional, man evouves they have been indulging themselves into for several years long, without thinking about any change, their lives become stagnant. Even though his diapers changed from time to time, he became bored with the same old baby food. Then, why aren't the grownups so afraid of change?


Unless and until people don't pay attention to their progress, they won't feel the need to stabilize their lives. Keeping a track of your progress not only enables you to find a way to be a better version of yourself but also creates a whole good and new human being out of you.


As we said, patience is the key to success, it brings you life's best virtues that you cannot ever imagine. Being patient makes you procure heavens and all the bounties of this world. Patience bores extreme beauty in itself, teardrops of joy, it is patience that crowns you.