Predicting your Romantic Future with Tarot Deck

Predicting your Romantic Future with Tarot Deck

Do you have lots of love in your heart but no one to share it with? Perhaps, you find yourself fawning over your special someone. All your Friends say that you watch too many Romantic Films. Don’t worry, we have all been there thinking about one true love and the Tarot deck knows that.

Maybe these cases do not speak to you, everyone has their path to follow and learn from. There is a soul mate for everyone, the better half.

Here are some awesome Tarot deck spreads that will tell you everything there is to know about your love life which is to bloom in the coming time with the help of the tips that the Tarot will give you.

Three card spread

This three-card spread is very easy to perform. You need to draw three cards and keep them on the surface. The first card reveals what your role will be in future relationships. The second card, the card placed in the centre gives information about what you want from the relationship. This will also help you to know what you want and find that. The third card tells you what factors could bring you and your partner together. It could be a meet-cute, help from your family etc.

The quick love spread

This could be a bit tricky for new readers but give deep insights into the love life so it's advisable to perform. Also was love ever easy, this tarot spread is a piece of cake compared to it. You have to draw 4 cards and place them in a typical fashion. Place the first card wherever you like, the second card will be on top of the first card, such that the two cards make a plus sign. The third card will be on the right of the said plus sign and the fourth card on the left of the plus sign.

Now the reading of the cards. The easy process starts. Slip the first card that was placed under the second card. Avoid touching the second card at this point. The first card gives you details of your present love life. Maybe someone likes you and you just don’t know? It's time for you to pick the second card next, this card tells you about the challenges that are blocking you from moving ahead in your love life. Next, the third card says about the issues from the past that you are holding. These issues could be the ones affecting your future now. The fourth and the final card. Tells about the potential future and influences and the outcome of the situation that you are handling.

The finding love tarot Spread

This tarot spread uses five cards that are placed very easily. So place the first card anywhere you like, this card will tell you about the issues that affect your love life. The second card is to be placed at the right of the first card. This tells about your behaviour when you fall in love. The third card is to be placed upside the first card such that they do not overlap. This card informs you about the areas you may need to grow and focus upon for a successful love life. The fourth card is to be placed below the first card such that they do not overlap.

This card is used to tell the issues in your life that needs to be resolved. These issues may not be in you but around you, so take a look at your niche. The fifth card is on the right of the first card and it tells about the aspects of your life that need to be liberated. 

Important tips to keep in mind

Tarot spread is the technique in which the Tarot cards are spaced in different positions and numbers to ensure that the reading is more accurate. For a reading that is to the point, so should make sure you follow these Tarot spreads. Each card in a Tarot spread has a different meaning, the way you draw the cards and the order you draw it is also important.

There are few points to keep in mind. You need to love yourself before you hope someone will like you. Love grows and multiplies as time flows, only if you love yourself in the first place. You need to start the chain of love by loving yourself.

 The other thing to keep in mind which is more technical for Tarot Card reading is to give a thorough shuffle to the cards before picking them, from the deck. You also need to place the cards one by one on a surface before you examine what they have to say. Some people tend to draw a card, find what it has to say and then draw the other. This is a wrong practise so it is not advisable to follow it.