Living life to your fullest is definitely one of the major mantras to follows nowadays and this mantra is not just a happy-go-lucky kind phrase one needs to keep in mind, instead, it has a deep sunk meaning. When one tries to forget the wrongs and life to live life king size then one might get a little irresponsible in terms of remembering a few things. Living in a world full of advanced techniques and a whole lot of modern approach sure does give us a kick start into modernity but at the same time, these material pleasures tend to take away certain moments to embrace natural moments in life. 


Have you ever forgot to return a phone call? Or have no idea where you left your keys? Forgot to switch off the light? Well, if you have gone through these petty memory slips then not to worry as most of us face the same problems every then and now. Well forgetting these little things might seem to be a petty and not a big deal right? But trust me, such little mistakes turn into an actual problem of forgetting things. Memory failures are a part of our daily occurrences and these little things give rise to the actual question of the reasons behind we tend to forget our past lives. There can be a lot of reasons behind this question as, according to some schools of thought, people consider their past deeds and their past lives a taboo not worth remembering or analyzing. 

A few reasons behind this uncertain the behavior of forgetting our past lives are as follows: 


Well, there is no doubt in the fact that this newfound state of advancements might have been helpful in a lot of ways, but it has equally affected our concentration and attention span to a great extent. Several, distractions include the tech-savvy occurrence, the work-o-holic routine, laptop hours, and many more technical distractions. while not just this, the amount of time we like to spend with our friends to chill and have a great gala time can also be counted as one of our major distractions. These things lead to a less concentrated and distracted mindset and due to all these activities, one tends to focus less on what’s gone and they prefer thinking about what’s left. 


This is something the current generation is best at, isn’t it? We have a hack of being equally emotional and detached both at the same time. We people nowadays live in order to understand the world and not remember the world. In all these worldly pleasures we all tend to take a shorter route and skip all the thoughts about our past life. It's like we have a pause or a stop button which indicates our brain to stop thinking about anything related to the past. Avoiding is like our new motto in terms of the decision taken in the past, we find it easier to avoid things and leave them unattended and that is why avoidance acts as a major reason behind forgetting one’s past. 


These advancements have left no stone unturned when it comes to making things easier for the current generation. It's not just the current generation, even our elderly tend to forget things and move on in life so as to live a much easier and less tensed life. We all were taught to be brave and to face our problems no matter what, but this mantra has lost its significance somewhere amidst these advancements. So, people resort to moving on leaving things unattended as it's easier to leave things on an abrupt note, at least that’s what people nowadays think, but this is not the right way to deal with it.  Forgiving and forgetting our past is obviously the right lesson, but that does not mean that one begins to forget it and run from it using silly nut job tactics. One should own up to their past and should always remember it in order to keep in mind the mistakes we are not supposed to commit again.