Marriage is an important factor in every corners of the world. No matter what tribe, caste or the creed do they belong but through the holy ritual of marriage, the two soul of energies make their way to unite into one.

In the Vedic Astrology, Kundli matching not only exhibits the future of what the couple holds for their later years but it also reveals the incidents or circumstances that might turn out in the upcoming years of their life after marriage. If there are any specific problems or obstacles to avoid, such solutions are also given by the astrologers or the experts who have the knowledge of astrology to their roots.

The Kundli Milan or Kundli matching is done through various methods, adopted by the different saints and hermits, depending upon their place of existence and nature of viewing the stars and the celestial bodies.

One of the most famous among these methods is the Ashthakoota method. This method is to disintegrate the 8 kootas that reveals our nature, attitude, behaviour, health, job, finance, career, passion, love, attachment, progeny, happiness, good luck, fortune and almost everything that shapes up an individual’s lifestyle. Listed down are the 8 kootas that shapes up the life of the potential couple who are in the prospects, regarding their marriage.


Varna depicts the mental compatibility, portrayed by the couple to highlight the skills that they have inherited or the abilities that they have acquired in their life. Egos of the couple as well as the differences are also revealed, through the process of calculating the Varnas. The point acquired in this koota is 1.


Vasya projects over the domination or the control that one partner has over the other in the bond of marriage. It reflects upon the factor that who will direct and who will follow the words, depending upon their situation. It is the method to clarify the less confrontation for the future life to be beautiful. The points allotted to this koota are 2.


Tara is the koota that highlights upon the factors, related to the well-being of the couple. It focuses on the health and the compatibility, acknowledged by the couple, in their lifetime. It is evaluated by the matching of the Nakshatras that rules their respective zodiacs. The points gained by this koota are 3.


Yoni reveals the biological or the sexual intimacy that is formed due to the compatibility, weaved by the potential partners. It reveals the mutual understanding along with the desire to show love and get inclined towards their respective partners at their own pace. The sexual understanding is thus calculated by the process of the koota, Yoni. The points given to this koota are 4.


Graha Maitra koota is used to understand and decipher the nature and the temper that the couple harbours for one another. It also reveals one of the partner’s attitude over the other. Along with the attitude, the habits as well as the intellects are also unravelled by the koota. Prospects regarding progeny, affection and love are determined by the Graha Maitra koota. The points for the koota are 5.


Gana koota is known to evaluate the traits depending on the behaviour of the individual towards their partner. It is the compatibility there is inclined to their happiness, temperament, mutual behavioural patterns and the life to live with prosperity and abundance. This koota acquires 6 points to determine the factors.


Bhakoot reveals the over-all compatibility that reveals the compatibility of the potential partners with each other. It informs about the growth and prosperity of the couple after their marriage and the life that is going to shape into. Family matters related to health and property as well as the growth in terms of peace and happiness is also understood by this koota. The points obtained by this koota are 7.


Nadi koota is one of the most important one in deciding the harmony of marriage. It holds the maximum number of points. It is the central indicator of the energy-related to the nervous system that signifies an individual’s health. It is also a sort of a test to reveal the chances of compatibility between the partners to conceive children after their marriage. The point for this koota are 8.

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