Pluto Retrograde Is on – What Does Pluto Retrograde Means?

Pluto is the planet that signifies three significant aspects of our lives: Death, Transformation and Rebirth, and Power and Control. Pluto can take 12 to almost 31 years to spend time in each Zodiac sign. It takes 248 years for Pluto to make one full journey through all the Zodiac signs. Ever since 26 November 2008, Pluto has been Retrograde in the sign of the Goat, that is, Capricorn. Pluto will remain in the Cardinal sign of the Capricorn until 21 January 2021. But from 27 April till 6 October 2021, Pluto will move backward from its vantage point from 26 degrees to 24 degrees Capricorn.

So, what does Pluto Retrograde means for us? Will it affect our lives significantly?

People must have heard the Astrological term Mercury Retrograde for sure. Pluto Retrograde is also a similar phenomenon to Mercury Retrograde. Retrograde is a motion of the planet when it moves backward. They are periods in which people who know about Astrology or are dilettante of Astrology dread. A lot of changes occur when the Retrogrades period occurs. And talking about Pluto Retrograde, it has a lot of lessons to teach.

While Pluto is resting and moving backward in the sign of Capricorn, lessons which suit the Capricorn’s life plan will manifest differently for everyone. Capricorn is the Zodiac which is Cardinal in nature, pragmatic, ambitious, hardworking, and a bit of a control freak. Saturn is one planet that you should not take lightly. Saturn’s influence can make or break one’s life.

What to expect in Pluto Retrograde?

During this time of Pluto Retrograde, we can experience Pluto’s forces externally as well as internally. This is the time of transformation and rejuvenation. Whatever old patterns of thinking we are stuck in, needs to be released with Pluto Retrograde. If we are willing, this time can make all of us spiritual in the truest possible way. But we showcase any sort of resistance, this time will become like hell for a lot of people. Saturn will push everybody to act to their best extent possible, with no qualms or complaints considered. It is time to work hard and turn inward to see where does our power lie if not in our hands? Does it lie in the external situations? Or does it lie inwardly with us?

A lot of contemplation will be an activity most people will partake in during Pluto Retrograde. A common signatory of Pluto is the symbol of Death. Death can be literal or metaphorical. Pluto Retrograde forces will demand all of us to drop things that are unnecessary in life like our attitudes, old thoughts and belief systems, etc. Life is a constant becoming. Pluto Retrograde helps us manifest the best version of ourselves. But the journey to that best version is oftentimes difficult because it involves a lot of healing, a lot of self-reflection, and a lot of commitment which most people do not have time for.

Pluto Retrograde brings about a slow change but a sure one. Each Retrograde has a lot of potentials to bring about growth and personal transformation. Some matters will be exposed to you abruptly and some slowly, which may initially cause trouble but will be for your benefit.

There’s nothing to fear about retrogrades or Pluto Retrogrades

You do not have to fear any Retrograde or Pluto Retrograde. It is just that it will make us conscious of everything. We live our lives unconsciously. Pluto Retrograde will bring about a shift in perception and help us all grow this slow, transformational change together.

There’s a lot of buzzes anyway in Astrology circles about Retrogrades. It is time that we make the most of them without fearing them. We’re a part of this larger cosmos but very minute in size and thoughts. Let us all glide through the tough times that may happen or will happen during Pluto Retrograde and be steadfast to our commitment and devotion in any area of life.

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