Plants With Positivity Through Astrology

Plants With Positivity Through Astrology

Almost an environment-friendly planet was ensured if an entire community of forests and trees were not in the upscales of conflagration and wildfires all through the world. Trees and plants photosynthesize oxygen and help us in an ecological balance for the other respiring living organisms to survive on the face of this planet. In many places, they add to the visual appeal and have been used more as restorative sites. They are the true delights of hilly regions and keep them fresh in a lot of ways. Also economically trees hold a large section of industries and construction brands.

But apart from all these, there are some plants that are said to bring good luck to us in our homes and sometimes will also help in sanctifying homes and purifying the atmosphere inside. Potted plants of any form are also said to clear homes of negative vibes and energies and many a time evade the evil eyes that may come upon us. Therefore there are like a host of plants that are used for the benefits of their lucky charms and their astrological beneficiary issues. Here are some of the plants that can help to turn around the fortunes.

Money Plant

The money plant is the oldest Feng shui plant to have inhabited eastern homes. The Feng shui money tree is said to bring about a change in the energies concerning finance, prosperity, and wealth in the family. Money plants are kept both in homes and offices mostly in the south – east corner.

Indian Holy Basil/Tulsi

Tulsi holds as much astrological significance as medicinal significance. Tulsi plant helps in bringing the positive energies of planets towards the home and is considered in opposing the dosh that is related to the moon and Venus. Dosh pertaining to the eighth house and sixth house are also canceled.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is another plant associated with the Chinese astrology and Feng shui. This plant supposedly brings the positive energies from forests and the happy airs towards the place it is kept. It is used mostly at homes and offices. Love, health, career, growth is all controlled by the lucky bamboo.

Pachira Money Tree

Pachira Money tree is a plant popularized by the Chinese art of Feng shui. The Pachira money tree is a very auspicious plant and controls a lot of money-related aspects like finance, stocks, career, and prosperity. Two or three stalks are braided together and kept in homes and offices.

Snake Plants

Snake Plant is a home ecological cycler as it maintains a lot of ecological purity at home. The art of Feng shui suggests that keeping potted snake plants at home is said to bring out positive energies towards the home, which control the significant factors like money, strength, smartness and beauty.


The palm tree has a religious and sanctimonious history attached to it from the European to the Mesopotamian civilizations. Palms are considered the harbingers of intelligence, triumph and victory and will evade wrongs in order to bring peace and sanctity to the home and offices. Palms are end conflicts and contentions.

Home Orchids

Home orchids are pretty much difficult to the culture at home, because of the terrain they grow in. But home potted orchids are supposed to bring in prosperity and fertility at homes. It is a great gift for newly-weds because it signifies the fertility and happiness in wedlock, both home and career.

Jade Plants

Jade plants were earlier used for their ornamental values. But later on the Feng shui has observed astrological values to it. The plant is a symbol of growth, regeneration and prosperity. It is used both at homes and offices and is kept mostly at the entrances and the gates.


Jasmine is a fragrant flower and is used mostly as an ornament because of the variety of colors. Jasmines are also used in rituals and ceremonies. The Jasmine plant is known to bring sanctity and peace at home. Jasmines are usually planted for meditative purposes because they help in the power of concentration and peacefulness.


Peepal trees are usually self-growing and are supposed not to be planted inside homes, but somewhere under open air. The Peepal plant is used to evade the negative influences of the planets. The plant is also supposed to bring good luck and fortune, and prosperity and financial stability and relief at homes.

Peace Lily

The Peace lily is an important plant of Feng shui and is used as a symbol of sympathy and destroyer of pain and suffering. It symbolizes regeneration and regrowth. It brings hope and harmony at home. Peace lily also helps maintain a psychic balance and harmony of energies at home.


Rubber shrubs are easy to grow and maintain mostly at tropical climates. The Rubber plant is especially good for the zodiac Virgo. Rubber plants help in bringing down the spontaneity and charge of energies. It also supports a good karmic balance and is something used at offices for a better work ethic.


Coconuts are related to the God Vishnu in Hindu mythology and are an important sign of a lot of ceremonies. As of tradition in Hinduism, the coconut plant is the symbol of youth and novelty at home. It brings good luck, charm, and is an indicator of the plentiful of foods at home.

English Ivy

English Ivy is more of a European variant of ivy and is used mostly for medicinal and ornamental purposes. It is mostly planted on strong supports. English Ivy symbolizes money and finance and will support career-related aspects to maintain a positive energy and wealth influx equally. English ivy is known to destroy negative influences.

Dragon Trees

Dragon trees are very great environment-friendly plants as they help in air purification. The art of Feng shui suggests the planting of dragon trees in order to bring a change in energies at the workplace. The Dragon trees are also known to bring good luck, prosperity, and success at workplaces.