Kundli matching, or Kundli Milan, basically means matching horoscopes of the potential bride and groom for nuptials. Kundli matching is considered to be the most important factor while fixing marriage especially in the Hindu community where there is a trend of arranged marriages. Toning possible bride and groom Kundlis will let them know how stars affect their union, and what remedial action is needed to ensure everlasting marital bliss.


Planets and celestial bodies have a substantial authority on every person's lives. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the heavenly bodies balance one another when marriage connects two individuals, resulting in love, joy, and harmony in married life.


There are quite a few doshas / bad placement of planets that can cause conflicts in married life. Dosha Kuja or Dosh Mangal. Dosh sarpa. Dosh Sukra. Dosh dad kartari. However, there are a number of remedies to overcome these problems.


Before marriage the Janam Kundli of both the bride and groom are checked for compatibility. This process is called Gun Milan and is split into eight measures. Every check produces a definite number of Gunas (points) that are added together to give a score on the whole. If the number of Gunas is below 18, it is understood that the pair will be incompatible. If the number of Gunas is between 18-24 then matching is appropriate. If the number is between 25-32, the match is almost perfect and the scores over 32 suggest that the people involved are of the same sort.


For finding out the score on each guna of the ashtakoota the birth dates of the parties involved are needed. The relationship between those eight Gunas decides a marriage's destiny. Such Gunas are:



This Guna reflects the pair's degree in Spirituality. There are Twelve Rasis which are grouped into four Varnas groups; firstly the Brahmins, followed by Kshatriyas, followed by Vaishyas and lastly the Shudras. The boy should have a Varna equal to or greater than that of the girl. One mark is allotted for this. If the bride marrying an inferior Varna bridegroom (caste), no rating, i.e. score is 0, is given.



The entire group of zodiac signs is categorized into five Vaishyas (categories) which are as follows.

I. Chatuspada or quadruped: –Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius in the second half and Capricorn in the first half.

2. Dwipada (Manushya or human):-Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, first half.

3. Jalchar Rasi:-Capricorn and Pisces, 2nd half cancer.

4. Banachar Rasi (Wald Roaming):-Leo.

5. Keet Rasi:-Scorpio.

If both the spouses fit into the same category they get a perfect score of 2 points.



Tarakoota is the determinant of the spouse’s emotional health. The calculation of the score of Tara Guna is done as follows: Divide the sum of both the persons Janma Nakshatras by 9. If the remainder is 3, 5, 7 then it’s considered unholy and the score is 0, otherwise, the score is 1.5. Next, divide the difference between the Janma Nakshatras by 9, if the remainder is 3, 5, 7 it’s considered unholy and awarded 0, otherwise, it is 1.5. Hence at the end if both are favorable the total score is 3, if one of them is favorable then it is 1.5, and if both are unfavorable it is 0.



It suggests a couple's sexual compatibility. If both spouse’s Yoni Kootas are the same the outcome will be positive. If the Yoni Kootas are dissimilar then an enmity between the pair will result.



It is from this Koota relationship that the boy and girl are judged between the Rasi Lords.



Nakshatras have been classified into three classes-Deva Ganas, Manushya Ganas and Rakshasa Ganas. A marriage between two Sama Ganas is considered holy. A marriage between Dev Gana-Manushya Gana, Dev Gana-Rakshash Gana and Rakshasa Gana- Manushya Gana is the most terrible. It is commonly believed that a marriage between a Rakshas Gana girl and a Manushya Gana boy will result in the death of the boy, however, this is unjustified.

Gana is given great importance during Kundli Matching. It implies the mindset of a person if it is traditional or liberal. Disparity of Gana may give rise to a lack of shared perception but that’s it, t doesn’t affect anything else.



Examine Janma Rashis's place within both the spouse’s horoscopes. If they are jointly placed in positions 2/12 or 6/8 or 5/9, it is deemed to be malefic and the score is 0. Other positions are awarded a score of 7 points. 2/12 Status is reflective of deprivation, 5/9 indicates child loss and 6/8 indicates death.



The Nakshatras are categorized into three groups called

 1. Adi Nadi

 2. Madhya Nadi

3. Antya Nadi.

If the Nakshatras of the boy and girl are the same then it is believed that the marriage will not be companionable. But if the Nakshatras are different, then a total of 8 points are awarded.


For locking up or endorsing a marriage, a bare minimum of 18 Gunas should match. A score above 18 is regarded as propitious for a delightful marriage.



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