Planets that govern your love life

Planets that govern your love life

If you follow astrology or are into much you may have knowledge regarding the different planets present and meeting the different houses, each planet has its significance and influence on every individual in a unique way.

The planets are divided into 2 parts inner and outer circle of planets, the inner planets are Sun, Moon, Venus, mercury and Mars, which effects or govern the personal aspects of one’s life and on the other the outer planets have an influence on bigger aspects of life, they work slowly.

The planets that govern our love life are generally Venus and Moon, the brightest Venus has been admired from long and its significance in love life is known by all as Venus is the planet of love and beauty. The astrologers use Venus to predict your love life, relationship aspects, and romance in life. Venus has 12 different love attitudes, based on the sign where it is placed or in which house in your birth chart, will have and effect on your love life differently.

Moon- Moon being the primary influencer, this planet will rule over the emotions of a person’s life. This emotional structure of one’s life is connected with love. The moon will represent the emotional personality of each zodiac sign, subconscious mind, the emotional reactions to the situation all rue over our life and connect with love life and relationships.

Let’s look at how Venus with the aspects affects our love life and relationship:

Venus/ Jupiter- Venus/ Jupiter-

when Venus and Jupiter in aspect, your love life will be full of exciting and thrilling adventures, you will experiment with a blossoming relationship, romantic and dating experiences will be great for you. Jupiter is the lucky planet, which will bring good fortune and luck in your relationship. You will give abundant love to your partner and treat them the best. Jupiter also symbolizes faith and philosophy, committing to your partner in love is a must and which will strengthen your bond. It also has an optimistic view so for your love is the key in a relationship.

Jupiter loves to travel, so there are chances that you may fall in love when on a trip or find a foreign connection that will last longer and happy with full of traveling adventures. This aspect of integrity and faith also determines the need of generosity and being loyal towards your partner or in relationship maintaining it on a healthy basis.

Venus/ Saturn-

if you have Venus and Saturn aspect, the Saturn planet represents maturity and time which seeks to build a long- lasting relationship with full of ups and down. Security is the key love concepts; you aspire for protection and security with your partner in love. Saturn influences your love life to a great extent; it influences your heart and have a practical approach towards love. You will not hurry; you want to enjoy each level or stages in relationship and feel the love. You are loving and romantic and you know to spend time and share things with your partner will lead to a great relationship.

Since Saturn has a grounded personality, you will very well balance the external responsibilities such as in career, family, love and finances. Saturn also represents tradition, ethics to be followed, honours rituals and seek conformity and you prefer your love to fit wherever the life takes. You need to go smoothly in love.

Venus/ Uranus-

When Venus and Uranus aspect is found in your birth chart, it shows the planet of rebellion is influencing your heart and love must be unconventional, with no feeling of getting anything in return. Uranus likes to challenge and experience new things, your love will be different, you will notice different qualities weird things in your relationship and your partner is likely to be quirky.

This aspect suffers from differences and create problems in your love life, as Venus loves to bond and Uranus wants freedom and space, thus your relationship may differ and suffer from dilemma of freedom and closeness. But this may work well in long distance relationships as both the couple will have different busy working schedules and they will understand each other.

Venus/ Neptune-

when this aspect occurs, love comes with a dreamy and passionate feel in you. This paring shows your romantic fairy-tale and those waiting for your charming prince type of love relationship aspect, everything for you will be the best seems to fall in the right place.

But being in this world of imagination of love is not ideal for any relationship, you need to enter into real world and experiences the whole new love life aspects and meet with the truth.

Your trusting nature will be help you to find the perfect love and you will enjoy lasting and fulfilling charming love. Neptune will also create a sense of compassion and caring towards your loved ones, and Venus will mix and blend the love perfectly with Neptune and lots of happiness and positivity to be seen in the relationship. Also, you may find spiritual and creative connections with Neptune/Venus, so developing a shared mediation and positive relationship should be maintained for a successful relationship.

So, the aspect of Venus the most important planet which rules one’s life is clearly understood as how it is influencing over our hearts and romantic relationship. You may get the insights as to how to create the kind of love that touches your soul.