Planets and their associated diseases

Planets and their associated diseases

As per the Vedic astrology, the origination of any disease depends solely upon the planets, star alignment and the respective zodiac signs. Horoscopes are a representation of all the celestial bodies which are known to affect a person during the time of their birth, place of birth and the time of birth. The graphical representation has a detailed outline of each aspect of an individual. Moreover, it is even said that the changing planetary positions are the reason behind the sickness and health issues of a person. Each of these planets, constellations and the feelings are a part of the human body. Even the disease that gets originated in the body is somewhat related to the planet or constellation that depicts a certain disease.


Planet Sun is known to have a relationship established for the role of digestive issues, soul, health and the aspect of healing in general. Physical deterioration can be caused due to a weak sun and cause some vulnerable disease in an individual like pain in bones, weakness in bones. Other than this, a weak moon and the planet Jupiter in the Kundali of an individual is known to cause problems in the bone.


The planet Moon is known to cause a person with disease related to the lungs, sleeplessness, diabetic issues, and appendix and so on. Moreover, an individual is highly impacted by the Moon is known for being very sensitive and emotional. People who have malefic moon present in their horoscope struggles with issues like nightmares, problems related to sleep, and harmful emotional disorders.


Mars planet is known to govern empowerment and bravery while a weak mar makes an individual a coward and one who knows how to avoid the problems rather than facing them. Due to a malefic Mars health issues like injury, surgery, allergy, the disorder of the brain, depressive mind state, marrow health issues etc can be faced by a person.


Mercury represents sensibility, down to earth approach and high intellect, whereas a weak Mercury makes a person to suffer from memory problems. Health disorders that can occur because of weak Mercury is an obsessive-compulsive disorder, skin problems and vein disease. Moreover, it also makes a person suffer from low IQ, weak memory, frequent fever and problem in making the decision.


When the planet Jupiter is weak, it makes the person to gain weight and the person suffers from an inability to concentrate. When Jupiter is malefic it often makes the individual suffer from an extremely dangerous disease like sudden gain in weight, problems related to liver, diabetes, tumour in body and obesity. Also, it makes a person’s immune system weak, digestive issues and weak vitality. Other than this mental issues like depression, negative thinking pattern, self-pity and anxiety stem because of the weak Jupiter.


An individual who has a weak Venus planet in their horoscope is known to suffer from issues such as lack of desire of getting physically intimate, sexual abilities, below-average looking appearance, no physical appeal, other than this such a person also suffers from a relationship and marriage failure. While in woman, a weak Venus means problems in the menstrual cycle and miscarriages.


Saturn is the brother of Yam, death lord and a planet related to diseases. A person with a weak Saturn is known to suffer from problems related to muscles, harmful impact on the circulatory system restricting the flow of blood fluids like blood, lymph, urine etc. Also, such natives suffer from bone problems, nervous disorder, rheumatic pain, paralyzed body, and arthritis.


When it comes to body parts shadow planet Rahu takes charge of the respiratory system, lungs, chest, arms, a system of muscles etc in the body of an individual. Due to this, a person can suffer from cardiac arrest, failure of the lung, muscle disorder etc.  A weak Rahu makes an individual suffer from problems like allergies, anxiety, concentration and phobias. It also makes a person to go through bone pain and diseases related to the old age.


An individual who has a weak Ketu is known to suffer from a disease like chickenpox and stammering issues. Also, this planet is known to affect body parts like the liver, stomach and the lungs. So, a person can suffer from intestine and lung issues.