Planets and the conditions for happy marital life

Planets and the conditions for happy marital life

Love holds beautiful meanings in life. When you are in love, your love life starts to bloom.  There are so many concerns rising among people when it comes to love life all over the world.  There are so many people without an existing wife, job, career, etc but people are not willing to give up their love life and sacrifice one. 

However, an astrology map follows various events in life. It tends to display the spitting image of future promises which we expect wildly for the forthcoming future. This astrology chart carries all the vital facets of our life's minuscules details.


Love is known as a feeling which is extremely intense and yet remains to have a soft side to it. Venus represents love. The only mere planet which holds the utmost responsibility when it comes to love is Venus planet in accordance to the world of astrology. Planet Venus is indicative of the love and other several facets that have a deep bond of comfort and luxury. In regard to men and women, Venus symbolizes love. However, this is different in terms of a woman's chart, planet Mars indicates love when it comes to her boyfriend whereas the planet Jupiter hails especially for her husband. While for men this narrative is slightly different. Men's planet is Venus where this remains the same for both as a spouse and a blooming lover. This has been said, Venus is known to have various facets in terms of love life.


Since Venus is the heart of love life, it is said to reign the 7th house which is deemed in the map of astrology. This house is a spread of spouse and marriage altogether. The 7th house and the venus combined is the outcome behind the information seeping out of your prospective spouses. While, for many lovers, the love they possess can be a little volatile whereas this volatile nature may come to life because of the position of venus present in the 7th house. 


The planet Venus placed in the 3rd house displays a great meaning of marriage and love. The 3rd house has been inferred as the house of karma. This is known to have a weak state. When the planet Venus is placed in the zodiac sign of Virgo, the planet is said to lose it's ever glowing charm. The planet venus seems to be incompatible with mars. And this intervention between both of them is bound to display bouts of miserableness in terms of love life.


When the planet Venus is placed in the 5th house of the astronomical chart,  this house has been the symbol of the basis of past life. The karma of the spouse works in rationality to the endeavors he has done in the past. The man's relationship in his married life with his wife is known to have a great and strong foundation.


Somewhere it was hard to digest the fact that nation's one of the most loved and the biggest Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan would end up in a high-profile and media scrutinized divorce with his now-estranged interior designer, glamorous wife Sussanne Khan. Their love seemed never-ending. She remained her love interest since the teenage years. When the planet Venus is in its worst shape, it rarely ends up in divorce but displays the signs of complexity during their stages of a relationship.


It is highly advisable when there is a strong presence of antardasa and Maha Dasa in their relationship, in the house of the lord of 11th, 7th and the 5th ones, these times are deemed the most dangerous ones in your life. It is suggested by the astrologers that you must act carefully when you are in a relationship with your loved one. As your fate can twist and turn drastically over time when you act upon certain things during this time. It is better to be forewarned of things before it turns into a major disaster. Relationships are as delicate as fine glass.