PLANET WALK – The Influence of Planetary Arrangements on Horoscopes

Every step a person takes has a role of importance to play both literally and figuratively. These steps sometimes bring benefits and fruits of hard work, while sometimes they bring in the sadness that had not been expected of it in the first place. As significant as this is, the movement of each planet from one sector into the other one brings about drastic changes in the life of a person. When a ruling planet is present in its own sector, it brings in good luck for the people who belong to that sign. To others, it would be partially beneficial. When a planet that is in complete opposite to the ruling planet enters the zone, it is expected to bring unwanted bad luck into the person’s sign. Science denies these statements saying the planets move around the sun and not into sectors. To contradict this statement, astrologers always coin the mention of movement, which can be defined in different ways. Each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, which is the main cause behind the behavior of the sign in a particular way alone. For example, people who are ruled by Mercury, exhibit a great intellect in their field of expertise and known to be tactful, having a creative solution to every problem. At the same time, they fiddle among their choices, unable to choose the best one, sometimes ending up choosing the bad one. This way, the influence of a planet invariably affects the life of a person from their zodiac signs.



Effect of each change

Solar eclipses bring with them a lot of changes that affect only a smaller section of the zodiac at times. The case is the same as lunar eclipses too. The effect mainly the zodiac signs in which the sun or moon enters during the eclipse. The people belonging to these signs will experience a major change in their horoscopes during the eclipse. If they see the eclipse, their horoscopes will get inclined to the worse edge and if they stay away, the bad omens which have become an integral part of their life will leave them for the rest of the time to come. Such will be the impact of this eclipse on a person. From the recent solar eclipse to the lunar eclipse that had happened a few years ago, the same effect has been experienced.


Apart from general planetary arrangements and eclipses, a special alignment of planets, where a specific number of planets come into one sector in a particular phase will have a role of importance to play. While the western astrology does not give these orientations much importance, contemporary astrology finds a great significance in these too. The most recent occurrence was the alignment of six planets in one sector which is said to happen once every 143 years. The alignment of the six planets into the sector was expected to result in drastic changes in the horoscope of each sign, both in general and particular. This alignment of six planets into one sector has brought ample changes into signs, especially Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. These signs had been the victims of bad times and bad luck for a longer period of time. This had been washed away with this planetary occurrence and the three signs are expected to reap their hard work and be filled with the good luck that had for a long time left them. There are planetary arrangements such as the alignment of eight planets together into one sector, which too occurs once in a few hundred years. Though such events are least popular among the crowds, they have a noticeable impact on the happenings. Temporary horoscopes and natal charts have been dominating the astrological factors a lot pertaining to public demand. If this phase is left behind, a great development in the field of astrology and horoscopes of various kinds is inevitable. 

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