Pisces or Aries – What will be your zodiac sign if you born in March?

Pisces or Aries – What will be your zodiac sign if you born in March?

It is very interesting that till that zodiac signs have been popular though being ancient beliefs which are determined by the alignments of stars and constellations in the sky. Hasn’t it been fun knowing the attributes according to the sign?

Before we tap into the zodiac sign there is an important fact to be known about zodiac signs. Check it out…

Zodiac came into existence way back in third century AD originated from Babylonian astrology where the ecliptic sectors are divided to form 12 signs which move around the sun’s apparent path. It’s all science yet there is no evidence of the astrology, unlike astronomy.

Zodiac has arrived from ancient Greeks who believed most of the constellations through which ecliptic passed represented as animals and hence “ta zodiac” which is a circle of animals.

All said and done, the zodiac is always fun to read, isn’t it? Just to know your day ahead how it would be or how the year would be for you. Twelve signs, which is yours? Searching for yours, then here you are on the right page.

Do you believe in predictions, horoscope, astrology, or zodiac signs? All of us have, at some point. On that note, this blogs will give you insights on the zodiac sign for the ones who are born in the month of March.


March Zodiac sign

Find your zodiac according to your birth date, that’s how usually one does right? But there is a lot of confusion, whether you are Aries or Pieces, and this is termed as the zodiac cusp. The cusp is defined for the people having two signs, wondering how is it possible?


Zodiac cusp

You might have read many horoscope articles from many sources; one would say Aries and others would say Pieces according to your date of birth. Now you would connect to the cusp, this is for those people whose date of birth falls between 19 – 23 of the months in the calendar.

Which means two signs, traits would be varying, isn’t it? But considering the traditional concept of zodiac signs, people born in the first 20 days of the month have pieces as their zodiac and the next half of the month considered as Aries.

Now let’s check traditional signs what it has got for you!


Traditional zodiac signs

Pieces – Then the end of the winter cycle is the beginning of this zodiac that is around February 19th  – march 20th. The symbol of the sign is “Fishes” which are place opposite to each other and are said to be having water as its element. The last of all the zodiacs and sign of illusions, daring which is an old soul.

Ever thought what could be the attributes of a person born with this zodiac?

Yes, you are sensitive and intuitive. The ability to swim and adjust to the surroundings until it fits you is the major trait. The folks are charming and easily make friends, last but not least are very attentive and inspiring.

Yet these are observational traits and it might vary from person to person. Check for your trait if you have any of these.


Aries – Does your birthday fall in the second half of the month? Then you are Aries (21st March – 19th April). The symbol of Ram which is headstrong and determined and this is the first of the zodiac signs

Traits of the people are visibly clear as the planetary moment can cause one to be stubborn. That is not only the one, it also has some good attributes like confidence, will power, competitive, etc. this sign also likes challenges, but one must be careful to not become selfish.

Do you find your traits in here?  As mentioned, these are just basic attributes that one can have with the respective zodiac signs, it is always better not to go bananas over it.

Whether you are Aries which is the pioneer of the horoscope wheel or Pieces the dreamer of the horoscope family both the traits of the zodiac signs are found in the month of March.



These zodiac signs are determined by the planetary motion which is known as Astro-science where the predictions are done based on the stars, planets and other celestial bodies. This field has picked up the momentum more in terms of research in recent times.