Physical Health Conditions Of The Different Zodiac Signs

Physical Health Conditions Of The Different Zodiac Signs

Scientists may disagree but astrologers do believe that the zodiac sign has an impact on health conditions. Health conditions can be categorized as physical health and mental health We will be discussing the physical health conditions of the different zodiac signs.


Pisces are generally delicate and tend to have a very broken or damaged constitution that does not easily fight off disease. Pisceans are emotionally weak, sensitive and illness is frequent.


People with the zodiac sign Aquarius are affected structurally in the bones of lower limbs. The zodiac is closely affected with blood circulation generally towards impure blood. They are prone to arthritis and hardening of the arteries along with the varicose veins, especially in the legs.


Aries have a strong and muscular body, they have robust health. Too much stress, tension, and tiredness bring them a headache. Therefore they require to rest a lot on a daily basis. For them keeping a healthy physical body and mind is very crucial. If aries abstain from the physical activity they will feel lethargic. So they require a proper physical body and mind rest.


For cancer physical health varies from fatigue, nausea, sleep disturbances, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, neuropathy, skin rashes or toxicity, impaired sexual functioning, and other cognitive problems. Physicians generally refer to cancers to lose weight, go on a diet, exercise and other medications.


Capricorns are generally very cautious about their health and maintain very good health throughout their lifetime. They are blessed with a very good immune system and a high resistive power. But also they are to suffer from diseases like kidney problems, skin problems, common cold and digestive issues. They still have very good health throughout the year.


Leos are concerned with the blood pressure and heart diseases, they can undergo high blood pressure and heart disorders and suffer from issues related to back and spinal cord, inflammations, and heart. As far as health is concerned Leos health is directly related to its emotions, once a Leo is disappointed emotionally it directly affects the heart. The circulatory and heart are governed by emotions of a Leo


Gemini rules the parts on our body which are in pairs like ankles, arms, shoulders, and ears, and in addition, it also affects the nervous system. Hearing issues, sclerosis, bursitis, blindness are some of the problems faced by Gemini's. But one thing to be appreciated is that they have a very good mine system.


Libras have a slim, tall, and beautiful body and according to astrology, they are physically fit and beautiful. Libras generally have issues on the skin like dry patches, itchy skin and acne are common.


Sagittarius is very active, they keep on working without a minute's break, they are strong and optimistic being. For people with zodiac Sagittarius physical exercise is a must, if they do not exercise they will become ill and stagnated. Their concern is related to arteries, lungs, thighs, hip, blood, and liver. They experience hardening of arteries also called Atherosclerosis, diseases affecting coronary arteries and blood pressure.


People with a zodiac sign, Scorpio are renowned for their energy and imagination and are prone to problems and infections related to sex organs. Skin eruptions on the genital, cystitis and diseases of the urinary tract and venerable infections are some of the main sicknesses they are prone to.


Taurus are mainly affected in the regions of the throat, neck, ear, teeth, nose, and hearing. A weak Taurus is easily prone to cold, flu, hoarseness and problems with the teeth whereas the strong Taurus has good hearing and fine teeth, still there's a doubt of common cold and flu.


People with the zodiac Virgo are sensitive to the nervous system and the intestines. They are really weak they should worry about their health as they might have issues regarding the fussy digestive system, indigestion, gas pains, ulcers, liver upsets, colitis and bowel problems.