Personality Traits of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Personality Traits of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

 “If any human being is to reach full maturity both the Masculine and Feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness.” – M. Esther Harding.

To completely balance the spiritual awakening, one must reach out to both, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to complete a Twin Soul Journey. We should remember that we all have the twins within ourselves, and to know where they are in their journey is important.

It is to be noted though that the ‘Masculine’ or ‘Feminine’ have nothing to do with the societal gender norms respective to male or female. One can knock into both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies at any given point in time.

We, humans, carry a complex amalgamation of experiences, beliefs, and discoveries. These can cause both our Divines to be in balance, out-of-balance, stagnant or oppressed.

The prominent traits of the Divine Masculine Energy are as follows:

Responsible- The Divine Masculine acknowledges responsibility. To look after the Divine Feminine and her safety, finances, well-being, health and growth. However, the Divine Masculine will never come in way of the Divine Feminine growth but will rather invest in ways to aide her own growth.

Vulnerable- The Divine Masculine knows how to share himself with the Divine Feminine. As the twin souls moves towards each other, they tend to share more, to understand more. Nothing of these shared challenges, problems or fears can be used to manipulate the Masculine Divine as he offers vulnerability when it is needed for the connection

Adventurous- Adventure is simple, pure and the Divine Masculine likes to indulge in adventure with the people he loves, it often includes the Divine Feminine too. The definition of adventure changes with every twin pairing—for some it may be to go to an opera concert and for others it may be an unplanned road trip. The Divine Feminine dreams of adventures while the Divine Masculine makes them happen.

Courageous- It takes courage to take part in any game. The Divine Masculine knows that the real win in any game is self-growth and experience rather than the material win.

Solutions-Oriented- The Divine Masculine interacts with the world in a way to provide with solutions. He will also solve problems that occur to the Divine Feminine, and it comes naturally to them when the problem lies in the periphery of their natural strengths, abilities and skill set. This does not mean that they take away the potential experience and growth from the Divine Feminine.

Logical- He loves to logically put plans to execution. He offers guidance, stability and structure and knows how to move about in the material world.

There resides a Goddess within you. The Divine Feminine is sensual, sacred and beyond the realms of reality. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are like the Yin and Yang, poles apart yet dependent on each other.

The prominent traits of the Divine Feminine Energy are as follows:

Intuitive- The Divine Feminine has an understanding of things and situations without any proof or evidence.

Nurturing- The Divine Feminine has the instinct to provide care and protect. This does not come in way of the Divine Masculine’s individuality. Here, growth and encouragement to develop are essential.

Healing- The process to restore the unbalanced health is well known to the Divine Feminine. To heal herself and her surrounding beings.

Gentle- Showcasing kind and a tender temperament, the Divine Feminine knows the gentle way of being. A counterpart to the Divine Masculine’s adventurous traits.

Expressive- The Divine Feminine is expressive about how and what she feels, there is a specific manner of conveying her inner-feelings. However, this does not overshadow the Divine Masculine’s traits

Emotional- With an ease to display emotions, the Divine Feminine is capable to communicate better with her counterpart.

Away from the pre-conceived gender labels, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine exist to create a balance and harmony. The twin souls have different yet compatible traits that together can recreate the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang; Yin being the Divine Feminine and Yang being the Divine Masculine.