Being a Virgo woman, you are a perfectionist. Because of your nature to think a lot and be critical, you will take a lot of time to choose the perfect partner for yourself.

You are someone who is very dedicated towards whatever you do and try to accomplish everything the way you want. However, you will always look at the smallest of the details and this creates a problem for you. You get stuck on some things and end up stressing yourself a lot. When in a relationship, you are very loyal and will stick to your partner no matter what.

Virgo Woman with Taurus Man:

This is the perfect match for you, especially if you wish to get married. Taurus man is very manly and this will make you feel very safe and comfortable.

At the same time, Taurus can show his soft side too which you are likely to accept easily. Although you are very critical by nature, you understand how your man shows his gentle nature to you alone.

You readily accept him and do not make fun of it or become judgy. Taurus men are very romantic nature and will do everything and anything to impress you or flirt with you.

You both are very practical and look for stability in a relationship. You just adore luxury and comfort and are extremely hard-working. Both of you share a very emotional mindset and easily understand one another on the intellectual level as well.

Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man:

You are very careful about all your decisions and thus Aquarius man is just the perfect match for you. He is very spontaneous and thus complements your homely nature. 

He is likely to keep you on your toes and will make sure that you are involved in all of his adventures. You both are very good at communication with one another and hence any chance of miscommunication between you two rules out.

You understand one another and try to share everything so that you two can avoid unwanted fights. You both as a couple are very intelligent and have a lot of discipline in your life.

Both of you are very independent and try to do everything on your own. Being loyal with each other is something that comes naturally to you two and your high headed nature makes you the perfect match.

However, Aquarius man will want you to accept him the way he is and in return, he will try to understand you on a deeper level in order to accept you the way you are. 

Virgo Woman and Gemini Man:

This is one of the best matches for you and will be highly compatible when it comes to marriage. Gemini man will generally take most of the decisions using his brain and not the heart.

Because of this, he is likely to have a very practical and rational approach to life. He will look at the positive and negative sides of a situation before taking the final step.

You and Gemini both are ruled by the planet Mercury and hence have a lot in common. This will help you two to connect properly with one another.

You both are extremely calculative while taking decisions and also pretty practical. Since you two have great communication skills and very adaptive nature, fights between you as a couple is difficult to happen.

Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man:

You, as well as your partner, belong to the element earth and this makes a good match. You two have a lot of things in common and hence will never get bored with one another.

Capricorn man always works towards achieving things and sets his goals high. He is a leader by nature and is confident about all his skills. He considered life to be a very serious matter.

He will give you a lot of time to feel comfortable and to break your inner walls. You two are very curious by nature and see life in a very realistic way.

You two as a couple are very ambitious and work extremely hard to achieve your goals. You are loyal to one another and are in no need for emotional support.