People born under the Virgo moon are the worst enemies!

Discussing the traits of enmity of a person born under the Virgo moon gives a huge ground. They are one the very few zodiacs that have a heart driven with the force of hatred.

Never accept their shortcomings:

They don’t look up to anyone other than themselves and are very close to being someone who worships himself and deems to be never wrong in their doing. They may never tell it out in loud, but they lack a sense of security while being around people and thus don’t keep shut when faced with the actions of others that are hurtful or wrong. Individuals who were born under the Virgo moon have a twisted sense of operation because they’ll never commit to their mistake and always feel like the world is against them. They admit that they were born with no flaws and could possibly never do something gross. It is programmed into their system to not take responsibility of their actions and play the blame game instead. People of the Virgo moon also feel that it is the crowd of other people surrounding them that spread the negativity by pointing out their flaws but when the Virgos do the same, they are just being supportive and helping others to realise their shortcomings. They always eye the better stuff and can never be content with what they have. To aim higher and lust of comfort is their supreme goal.

Over-react to even the slightest scratch:

Those born under the Virgo moon are the masters of playing the victim card irrespective of the situation. Many people find them disgusting within the initial days of companionship because they cannot control the thirst of blaming others and feeling good about themselves by putting others down. You could blink for a second in which they could list more than dozen bad things who’ve done to them. If you dropped a drink near them, then you were possibly trying to ruin their new pair of shoes because of jealousy, or if you sneezed at them would mean that you wanted them to get sick so that they couldn’t win the upcoming trials to the college band. They live in their own La La Land and don’t care if they are the witch or the pirate to others because they’re always the king of their own world. Many such people of the Virgo moon like to surround themselves with other people who are the man in the room, so that they could enjoy a sense of pride and power even if they can’t have it on their own.

How to avoid enmity with them:

Virgo moon people are very hard to like or desire. They don’t mind having dozens of people hating on them and make more than one enemy everywhere they go. The planet of Mercury is the ruler of their hateful hearts and it makes them highly judgemental and cruel. Those from the Virgo moon zodiac are not so up for friendships and laugh at other who keeps their relations above their own good. They have been called out by a huge number of people because of their backbiting habit, and also called off in public for being a dual-faced character who s honest to no one, not even themselves. Their analytical skills are so highly developed that they can easily look though each person who comes tin their path, and more often than not, their assessment is correct to very word. The easiest way to avoid enmity with someone like this is to never place your heart into them or trust them with your secrets. Stay at as much distance as you can. Sometimes it might seem like they have had a change of heart if you have been sticking around for long with them, but to burst your bubble, they are just acting a nice play to gather some piece of information o knock you down with a punch in your good gut. Another way of escaping the enmity of a Virgo moon is to shame them in front of their peers and call all their bad traits out loud on their face!

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