Overcoming the Power of Fear - A Guide to Take the Next Step in Life

Overcoming the Power of Fear - A Guide to Take the Next Step in Life

Fear is an emotion that is present in every human being. It is a natural aspect of life. Every other person is afraid of something or the other. However, letting fear dominate your life is something we all must be very careful about. To achieve the highest of limits, we must overcome all obstacles thrown in our way, with our head held high, and with a heart full of confidence. In every sector of our lives, in everything we do, one thing or the other is not as easy as you may want it to be. This is where fear sets in. We often neglect opportunities due to thoughts of failing, not being able to reach our limits, or not being able to progress. However, in doing so, we miss out on the best things of life and reaching unparalleled levels of success. Thus, we must not be afraid to dare and take the chance. Life is an adventure and as Helen Keller states, “Life is actually a daring adventure or nothing.”



It explores unknown territories. Unknown territories are often scary due to the lack of knowledge regarding those sectors. However, consider this, while growing up, everything you did had a beginning at some point or the other, and yet you are here today! Take one step forward, don’t be afraid. Experience can only be achieved by beginning somewhere. Fear of making mistakes. Everyone is afraid of making mistakes. But, if you do not make them, how will you learn? Remember the time you first learned how to ride your bike and took the wrong turn? After falling, did you ever make that mistake again? No, right? That is how human beings are programmed to work. Even Stephan Hawking, Bill Gates, and Sundar Pichai started their careers by making mistakes. Mistakes are the only way a person learns and excels in their fields of expertise. 

Lack of Self-esteem. Starting something new or going on a new adventure makes the mind question whether or not it can meet the expectations. Yes, it is difficult to comprehend to what extent you will progress. But, it is better than not getting to know the result due to neglect. Thus, be confident, accept failure but never give up.

Moving out of your comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone is a big step to take. New barriers are exciting as well as scary. But, think about how you made your present work, your comfort zone? It was only because of stepping in, giving your all, and learning throughout the way, that this happened. That is exactly what is going to happen again. History repeats itself! Trust yourself, you got this!

Meeting criticism. Criticism is a part and parcel of every field. There are two types of criticism. The constructive type and the negative type. It is really simple if you look at it from a different plane. Constructive criticism will only help you grow, correct your wrongs, and turn them into rights. And, negative criticism will come from people who you should not value. Listen to them with an open mind but do not take them to the heart or let them inhibit your progress in any way.




Step one is actually to take the first step forward. Face your fears and before all, brace yourself for what is to come. Make a detailed plan. Arrange everything in place. Being organized keeps the mind calm and settled and makes one feel more confident in their grasp over the project. It is one of the most efficient ways of doing anything in life. Do not forget to make a plan B. Life is not a bed of roses and success or failure largely remains unpredicted. Thus, it is always good to have a plan B. And sometimes, a plan C too. Backups are healthy as it does not let an individual lose complete track. Lastly, always accept what comes your way. Be it a success or be it a failure, a prior acceptance largely helps develop your personality and help you progress. To conclude, do not let the fear of mistakes dominate your choices in life and what you want to be. Instead, let them be the factors that push you to reach your full potential and achieve all your goals. Keep your chin up and take that extra leap as soon as you’re ready!