Pisces are recognized as the zodiac’s space trainees, also referred to as creative dreamers, semi-psychic empathetic people, or fragile whiners.  For many of these water element natives, that means losing sight of the pragmatic nuances that make life work, which they find completely mundane. They cherish living in the moment. On daydreaming, Pisces get off and envision stunning, borderline cinematic scenes indefinitely that they are not currently trying to create a reality. The closest you get to a Pisces and the more the constant, intricate inner monologue of incomprehensible delusion can be discovered. When it comes to scheduling, it is difficult to pin down Pisces. If, for the remainder of your life, you want to take it personally, you can, but it will be a waste. It's easier to just prepare for your buddy from Pisces to be late. They are usually habitually late to group dinners or big parties, but still, since they don't want to lose a minute of storytelling fantasy, they tend to be precisely on time for plays or movies. When a Pisces forgets to respond to a text or is avoiding the arrangements, they made last week, it's just that they had to leave something to soak it up because something so magical came their way. This leaves the rest of us, alas, craving more from our flaky fish buddies.

Change in Personality due to Sensitivity:

Pisces are deeply sensitive, which explains why they may be shape-shifters who alter their attitudes or adjust their demeanor to best fit the preferences of other people. Through their fragmented, incomprehensible wardrobe, you could still tell a Pisces that they are purchasing clothes to win acceptance from some of their peers instead of expressing themselves. When they don't have the acceptance of the people around them, they believe like a part of them is not recognized and they dislike this point.

Put others first, even before themselves:

In a larger context, the sensitivity of a Pisces can be like a double-edged sword, always losing its own authenticity to appease the desires and expectations of others. Pisces are so adapted to the desires of others that they de-prioritize their own thoughts and fail to speak up in the meantime about their problems, hurting themselves and their near and dear ones. People born under this sign have an undesirable propensity, even if they urge everybody else to be honest with their own emotions, to keep all their suffering within. The first person at a party to take care of an intoxicated friend or console a friend who has just been rejected will be a Pisces, but they will be the last person to chat about their own problems.

When a Pisces doesn't speak up about their struggles until the end, it's because they have botched things up beyond redemption. Of what should be a concise description of how things got so messed up evolves into a poorly constructed pretext or worse, a manipulation of distress; to get released of mediocrity. A Pisces, for instance, might suffer a family loss but not tell someone at work because their coworkers are coping with their own struggles. They can take on additional projects and convince themselves that they will suffer through it, but their work falls to the side of the road in fact. Finally, when it is time for their big show, they let things intensify and all they can do is stand in front of the room and weep.

Waits for the emotional buildup to open up:

Once a Pisces hits the breaking point, particularly in intimate relationships, it feels like they're fighting for who has endured the most pain in life. Since sharing their profound, gloomy pain, Pisces needs space, but if anyone else does the same, take offense. A certain Pisces will take it a step further and choose never to speak up again on their own, burying their misery and thoughts before they are pushed out by another big mess-up. Everyone is going through challenges, but Pisces have no idea how frustrating it is to end up looking only if they'd shared the reality a little earlier. While they are still the first to provide assistance, that's the issue with Pisces, they are utterly indifferent to the fact that others can help them, too.