Origin of Numerology

Origin of Numerology

Numerology is the study or a belief that draws a divine connection between numbers and terrestrial and futuristic events. It is the study that emphasis on the numerical value of letters to frame names. It is often considered along with divine methods of sages and astrologers. Numerology is unproven claimed science that is widely believed by many spiritual followers. Numerologists are those people who draw connections between the numbers and the events to predict the future and also the people who those who have faith in number in everything they do.

When did Numerology Originate?

Numerology is assumed to be originated way before the AD as numbers had its imprint in all the epics of all cultures. But it’s proven that numerology evolved from Egyptians. Number 3 is considered plurality. The Sun god Re or Ra is named to define the three times of the day, day, noon and evening. The protector of pharaohs soaked three hands into the ground to bring prosperity. Thoth is known as the thrice great god of wisdom. The famous doomed price of Egypt was cursed to be dead by three fates: by a crocodile, a serpent and a dog.  An Ethiopian mage was defeated by the greatest mage of Egypt. The dead according to the Egyptians, disembarks to the afterlife after crossing the third section of the underworld. And the knot of goddess Isis has three loops signifying life. While number 5 is meant to add more to life. God Renamed five gods and goddesses after him. God Thoth added five days for Goddess Geb to give birth to five children who ruled the Egyptians. The famous symbol of Egyptians is the pentagram. Seven is the number that represents completeness in Egyptians life. The symbol of water is seven zigzag lines and gold is seven spines. The guard number of Isis is seven and the famine that lasted In Egypt prevailed for seven years.

Did numerology originate by Hindus?

It’s a common belief that Indian sages found numerology and they interpreted the future through numbers. But that’s not the case. Numbers were used in the ancient times of nomads. Early men assumed three tally marks meant the next day was hunt day. So they believed the fourth day is the day they would find food. After ten sets of three tally marks meant they need to change the place. Scientists say that early men figured that after one month of feeding on food one place will deplete the resources and hence they move after 30 days. So numbers and its calculations of life events started as humans evolved. Every religion and culture has its own sets of numbers that are meant to bring happiness, prosperity, and sorrow.

When was numerology first developed into a script?

Till Greek’s famous philosopher, Pythagoras scripted and constructed the western numerology, people weren’t aware of it.  There was no scientific proof of it until he scripted down and spread across the world. Pythagoras comes up with western numerology after drawing construction between numbers and musical notes. He observed the vibrations in the strings of the instruments and came up with the idea of explaining the vibrations with mathematical explanations.

Slowly he started learning other relations between numbers and events. He is the first one who spread the knowledge on the relation between the date of birth and the identity of the person.  The method involves the name of the person, the birth date and then the alphabets are assigned to numbers.  And the assigned numbers are linked to Latin alphabets and the numbers are added together to form one number. And brought down to one single digit. This digit signifies the person's character and personality.

Does Numerology still prevail in our society?

Numerology is a subject that is imbibed into our minds. Even if the person does not believe in numbers, its common human behavior to prefer a number unintentionally. Today science proves that numbers play a vital role in our living. Even today, for Hindus number 9 is holy, 108 is devotional and three represent gods of the universe. And all over the world 13th is considered unlucky and 13th the Friday is a complete disaster. And for Christians 7 is the holistic number across the world as the bible emphasizes 7 being the number that brings completeness and perfectness to the person. It’s scientifically proved that the belief in one number makes them work in their favor. Psychology says the person tends to work at their fullest because their lucky number gives them the confidence to finish the destined work.  Yes, numerology is unintentionally having a great impact in our living.