Optimistic Results of RAHU and KETU in certain Houses

Optimistic Results of RAHU and KETU in certain Houses

Birth Tale of Rahu Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are both born from one body. Their origins may be traced to the Samudra Manthan period. Lord Vishnu chose to distribute the nectar of eternity from the ocean to 7 planets for them to remain immortal.

Following Samudra Manthan, Vishnu summoned them to form a line to obtain the nectar.  When the planets formed a line, a Rakshasa disguised himself as an innocent person and waited in line to collect it, which he accomplished. When Vishnu discovered that the Rakshas had duped him into gaining immortality, he slashed him in two.

However, since he had consumed the nectar, the Rakshasa could not be slain. As a result, his two parts became Ketu and Rahu. Furthermore, fearful of Lord Vishnu, planets performed devotion were bestowed with planetary rank.


Rahu in Vedic astrology signifies fame and avarice. Rahu enters the prologue when you allow consumerism, desire, or hatred to affect your thinking. Rahu-influenced people are harsh and unpleasant. They are easily annoyed and sluggish.

Rahu is the planet of desires in astrology. Like Saturn, it showers the locals with worldly delights like money, fame, etc., spoiling them to entice them in the league. Therefore, in Rahu Dasha, the native must be extremely cautious. Our astrologers can assist you.


In Vedic astrology, if Rahu represents worldly aspirations, Ketu represents spirituality. Ketu, the half planet, is responsible for human knowledge. Ketu-influenced people are considered to be spiritually talented. The individual also gains healing power. While this may entice you to approach Ketu, these characteristics are only represented while it is favorably positioned or among the excellent Ketu homes in Kundali.

Negative Ketu brings native troubles like sadness, anxiety, ghost issues, poor concentration, and more. Debilitating conditions such as gout and arthritis are exacerbated by the planet Ketu. Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Mercury are compatible with Ketu.

The Maha dasha of Rahu lasts 18 years, whereas the Ketu Maha Dasha lasts seven.

Ideal House for Planet Rahu in Kundali

Rahu in Third House

This is the home of bravery, brotherly love, and communication. Rahu's impacts are strongest here. Rahu in the Third house improves intelligence and awareness of society. This enhancement immediately improves relationships. Rahu in the Third house locals are brave and take risks. They like spirituality and self-belief. Natives have a great desire for money acquisition.

However, Rahu's influence may cause locals to boast about their riches. So, one must caution against flowing with others’ views. Rahu is a materialist who may attempt to change you by making things simple. In circumstances like these, you must control yourself.

Rahu in Sixth House

The sixth house represents adversaries, financial, and health problems. You would assume Rahu in 6th house is bad, but it isn't. Rahu in the 6th house protects you from adversaries. You may also cure illnesses and obtain lasting solace from most conditions. Furthermore, if Mars and Saturn are with Rahu in this house, profits will be double.

Contrary, Venus with Rahu in the Sixth house may lead to affairs. Rahu in the Sixth house with Mercury may make a kid egotistical and unpleasant. Rahu in the Sixth house with Saturn results in Progeny.

Rahu in Tenth House

As we are familiar, Rahu is a selfish planet, and the Tenth house in Vedic astrology also signifies materialism. The Tenth house is also a favorable one for Rahu. Rahu in the Tenth house means prosperity in the profession. The house aids the natives. As you progress in your profession, you may even acquire authority. Communication, entertainment, and software are ideal careers for this placement.

Nevertheless, Rahu in the Tenth house is affected by Saturn, the Tenth house ruler. Even though Moon and Rahu are adversaries, the Moon in Tenth house along with Rahu is a Raj Yog sign.

Rahu in Eleventh House

The Eleventh house is also excellent for Rahu. This combination will bring prosperity and riches to the native. This achievement may not come until the native attains the age of thirty-one or later. Rahu in the Eleventh house is favorable in the period of Dasha. This native will be rewarded by the state and society. You will also benefit materially.

Nonetheless, Rahu in the Eleventh house may induce ego in that individual. The individual having this arrangement would be stingy with socioeconomic advantages.

Ideal House for Planet Ketu in Kundali

As regards Ketu placement, astrologers suggest the following houses:

Ketu in Third House

Ketu and Rahu both offer you gains when positioned in the third house. In the Maha dasha of Ketu, the individuals excel at budgeting and financial management. Ketu tends to turn these individuals friendly. Ketu in the third house indicates that you will be closer to your siblings. Ketu being a spiritual planet, its placement encourages the individuals to help others.

Having Ketu in the Third house may turn you a little greedy. So, stay grounded as you enjoy the planetary advantages.

Ketu in Ninth House

Ketu in the Ninth house of your Kundali is very favorable. This placement's inhabitants will be subdued. The likes of defeating your opponents get higher. Ketu in the Ninth house promotes mental and physical health. You may create a good outlook on life. This excellent Ketu home also assists the resident with prosperity and kid longevity.

On the other hand, it may make you quarrelsome. You would be easily annoyed. You will not donate and may acquire a routine of excessive gossiping. Once you are capable of controlling these effects, Ketu may offer you plenty.

Ketu in Twelfth House

The presence of Ketu in the Twelfth house indicates a spiritual inclination. He/she will gain insight and become more introverted. Ketu in the Twelfth house makes the individual excellent with finances, however, secretive about it. Ketu in the Twelfth house clubbed with Mercury is much more favorable and brings you near luxury.

On the other hand, Rahu in the Twelfth house may cause eye and sleep issues. The location may cause discomfort in the lower abdomen. Ketu in the Twelfth house causes menstruation issues.


So, above mentioned were Rahu and Ketu's Kundali homes. Talk to our astrologers to learn more about the effects of Rahu and Ketu.