HONEST (Either its honesty or no relationship at all) 

Theres one thing that no one can say about aries, no one can call them a liar. Aries is famous for always speaking their mind and sharing their opinions. Aries are kind-hearted humans who want to help others. One of the ways in which they help people around them is that theyre honest with them whenever they need advice. Aries believes that being dishonest with someone is bad for that person as it gives them bad advice. 

When someone around them asks for advice they know that they will get their genuine opinion. Sometimes people dont like aries because of this fact but being truthful is important for aries and they want people to be honest with them too. When an Aries is in a relationship, he/she can be very understanding about many things but the only thing they ask from their partner is for them to be truthful with them. Aries dont get and dont like liars. 

Aries make sure that they speak their mind and try not to offend or upset anyone asking for their opinions. An Aries cannot be a yes man in a company as it is not possible for them. 

NERDY (Basically a book worm) 

If you know any aries you know that they are in love with reading and learning about interesting things. Reading is every aries hobby and favorite pastime. Even at a small age, they show signs that they want to learn more then others or read about different things. Aries are certain about their opinions, this is partly because they are very knowledgeable beings who are aware of their knowledge. Being good at their studies or being good at what they do is extremely important to them as they can often be their biggest critics. 

They criticize themselves because they know what theyre capable of and want to be better than the rest. Aries can be excellent teachers as they love to share their knowledge with others especially with the people that they care about. They want people around them to be better too as they believe in lifting up their peers. It is because of this fact that many people around them rely on them and want to learn from them. 

KIND ( A friend in need is a friend indeed)

From afar you may think that aries are not approachable or carry themselves with attitude, aries are quite opposite from this when you get to know them. Aries are giving and selfless people who just want people around them to be happy and positive. They have this energy where they light up a room when they walk in or are the glue of their friend circle. Due to their kind and giving nature, aries have many friends. 

They are not the people who are afraid to show their emotions, their friends know how they feel about them. Most of the time aries put their friends before them. They will never say no or always help a friend in need. You dont have to ask them for help as they are the first ones to help you out in any situation. You can talk to them about any problem or issue and they will be all ears. Aries will do everything in their power to help you out and get you out of your problems. Because of their kind nature, many people are attracted to them and they make sure not to let any of their friends down. 

PASSIONATE (Dedication always on point) 

Aries are the type of people who think with their heart rather than their mind. They cannot give their all to anything that theyre not passionate about. Aries are successful in things or jobs that theyre passionate about as they give that theyre all. Passion is not limited to their career as it also drives their personal life. In relationships, the best relationships are those in which theyre passionate about their partner. 

If theyre in a relationship without passion that wont last. Passion is an important part of both their personal and professional life. In the case of professional life, they must find something that theyre extremely passionate about in order to be successful in their profession. In the case of their personal life or love life, they must find that special someone in order to have the most happiness in life. Being passionate is in their nature.

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