One Zodiac, Many Predictions – The Secret behind Differences in Readings

One Zodiac, Many Predictions – The Secret behind Differences in Readings


The interest to know about the future happenings of our lives amuses us and encourages us to delve through many predictions. New entrants into this interest might not be able to identify the differences in horoscopes for a single zodiac sign, but, those who have been investing their interests in astrological aspects spot them easily. This will be a common sight mostly found in the online astrological predictions, where different sites show extremely variant results. The results given by these sites are solely based on the date of birth of the person, which in many cases would be familiar to more than one individual. Going by these results implicates that all the individuals sharing a common birthday are bound to have similar astrological predictions and happenings in life, which, contrary to popular beliefs, is wrong. Every person belonging to a particular zodiac does not have the same events of life or the same phase going on. Also, astrology is a pathway that indicates the differences and difficulties of life and not a proper detailing of all individual aspects according to renowned astrologers.


Detailing Zodiac Signs and Astrology

As many believe, astrological readings do not limit themselves to the date of birth of the person. Instead, they observe every aspect during the person’s birth, such as time of birth precise to seconds and place of birth. Referring to the detailing of all the birth aspects, astrological charts are drawn by the astrologers, who in turn give a generalized depiction of the happenings in the person’s life, which we intend to relate to. By this, an unspecific prediction of the obstacles is done by them and pursuing solutions to these obstacles or problems shall be in the person’s interest. Here, a significant difference occurs. Everyone would have a different approach to their questions, and the proceedings they make would depend on many other factors other than zodiac signs. Apart from an individual’s characteristics, the situations surrounding them also play a crucial role in decision making. The natal charts or in general terms astrological charts can be drawn differently by different astrologers depending on their experience and frame of reference. Similar to the way that no two doctors treat disease in the same way, no two astrologers can give exact results while preparing and analyzing one's natal charts. This is solely the reason behind the differences of astrological predictions.


Drawing The Perfect Prediction


No prediction can be considered a perfect one, even if the astrologers claim themselves to be most authentic. An understanding of all the readings would, in many cases give a detailing of the occurrence related to the person’s situation. Rather than depending on predictions and irrelevant readings, an individual must focus on finding solutions to the problems surfacing and delving deep into those that require attention. One can understand his issues correctly and better than all others, and such is the power of the human brain. Seeking advice from astrologers or other forms of future-predictors cannot be labeled as incorrect, but, sole dependence on them gives them a chance to misinterpret one's future for monetary gains which rather than being essential causes a loss to the individual. Instances of such cases have been innumerable, and though the pattern keeps repeating, a change cannot be found. It is oft-quoted by many that one’s future always lies in their own hands, and this statement is realistic in all situations. It would feel better to hear from someone else but investing in wrong predictions and expecting astrologers to give exact definitions is effort wasted. Through ages, astrology has seen many developments, were visiting an astrologer personally evolved into matching horoscopes online. Even after this evolution, the one thing that has not seen many changes is the noticeable difference in reading. The development we make on our own is the ultimate solution to every problem.