Christmas is just around the corner and all of us are excited about the festive season, but every one of us depending on our zodiac sign are excited about some thing else. It is the most wonderful time of the year and the end of the year, so as it to say.  

So, let us see the different zodiac signs beings excited over the different part of Christmas and what really lights them up like a Christmas tree on full show.  


This zodiac sign is all about the fun and the joy of Christmas, but more importantly, they are all in for the buzz of the Christmas. They love their drinks and more than the drinks, they love putting the lights on the Christmas tree and decorating the tree.  


This zodiac sign is all about the desserts of the Christmas season. These are individuals who are extremely health conscious but they tend to let go when it comes to this particular festive season because they have a sweet tooth and they cannot seem to help themselves.  

Gemini -

This zodiac sign is all about the gifts of the festive season. Everyone knows how curious this zodiac sign is and so, it is no surprise that they want to know what they have been gifted on a Christmas morning and cannot wait to open their gifts.  

Cancer - 

this zodiac sign is all about the memories they have made in the previous Christmas seasons and making new memories now. They love it when they have a good Christmas to experience and will without fail be roaming around with a recorded to capture every moment.   

Leo - 

this zodiac sign is all about the Christmas shopping that they have to do for their loved ones. They love shopping and splurging their money on gifts, and they give the best thoughtful gifts to their loved ones.   

Virgo - 

this zodiac sign is all about the fragrance of the pine trees and they even love the smell of the scented candles they always light to get in the mood for Christmas and to help them relax and feel the festive mood.  

Libra - 

this zodiac sign is all about the finding the best gifts for your partner and your family. You give the most thoughtful and best gift, and often even end up splurging more money than you should have and that is why people love it when you gift them gifts.  

Scorpio - 

this zodiac sign is all about the Christmas lists and the gifts that you will be mostly gifting yourself to you because you believe in self dependence and mostly because you are a loner.  

Sagittarius - 

this zodiac sign is all about the snow that falls during the Christmas season. There is something different about the normal snow and the snow that falls during Christmas, it almost makes it magical and makes you feel as though you are witnessing something special.  

Capricorn - 

this zodiac sign is all about the traditions and how you follow them. You enjoy following the traditions that were maintained in your family for generations and you look forward to going through all of them. They are people who follow the rules by the T and will even convince other people to follow traditions along with them. 

Aquarius - 

this zodiac sign is all about the Christmas weather. It is no surprise that they actually like the weather during Christmas because they are the air signs after all. They look forward in spending time in the cold Christmas air and enjoy all of the cold breeze that will be blowing in your face.  

Pisces - 

this zodiac sign is all about the magic of Christmas. For the longest time, they believed in the magic of Christmas, they still do. They also believed in Santa and were heart broken to know that he did not exist. They are the people who are too precious and love the whole magic of Christmas. They live for this festive season and are literally the people who decorate their tree, their house and everything in Christmas themes almost a month before. They are more than ready for Christmas to come, and weave it’s magic.