Generally, the word Kundali is defined as the projection of various celestial bodies during the time, date, and latitudinal and longitudinal parameters that are widely observed during the birth of an individual. The screening of heavenly bodies like planets like The almighty Sun, who is treated as the father of the solar system, the Moon who is regularly summoned as the Queen of the solar system along with other planets and various Additional constellations of stars in the space during the birth of the person. The Indian astrology is a pure form that embeds multiple spiritual aspects. The astrology is involved in every human element from the birth of the person to his or her demise. 

There is a traditional saying that marriages are made in heaven. This is the most common scenario that is widely seen everywhere from ages till now. As time is passing, various changes have occurred in today's society. The advancements in technology have given rise to the belief that both the male and female are equal. Thus this laid to the culture where the gender gap has reduced to a considerable amount, and therefore the females have also started working along with the men. In due course of time, we have been observing various examples where the male and female are getting attracted to each other during their work or in any other circumstances. However, the attraction may lead to a pure form of love. But eventually, to live together, it is widely noteworthy to match the horoscopes or the birth charts, which are also called by the name Kundalis of both male and female. Thus in this, the matching of kundalini has become the first part of marriage preparation. Now let us consider the importance of Kundali matching during the sacred marriages in Indian Astrology. 



Coming to the actual definition of kundali matching, it is the process of matching the birth charts or the horoscopes of males and females before marriage to ensure and predict the compatibility of their future and their married life in upcoming years. 



Traditionally, the process of kundali matching is accomplished by analyzing the positions of the planets along with the various constellations of stars and their combinations. Anyway, the planetary positions are widely calculated from the kundali or the birth chart. This kundaliis regularly built using the personal details of the individual. These personal elements include the date of birth, place of birth, along with the time of birth. The latitudinal and longitudinal parameters are also widely calculated with no error in them. As these are very crucial elements that determine the fortune of the person, therefore proper care is taken while calculating and noting them during the birth of the child in his or her earlier days. 




Kundaliis also studied with the name JanamKundali. Janamkundali is commonly prepared with the details or the parameters that are mentioned earlier. Generally, these parameters with no error in them, also they can be corrected any mistake is found in them. The relevant details will help in predicting the exact future of an individual. However, kundali is very powerful, and it's reading is quite difficult for ordinary persons. Only the experts would find it easy who have spent their lifetime on astrology can bring up all the good ones and odds from the kundali. Using kundali, one can know about the numerous aspects like the character, nature, strengths, weaknesses, intelligence, fortune, finances, etc. can be identified to a person. While this kundali reading is considered in terms of marriage, here the astrologers mostly see for the aspects like what about the future of couple after marriage, the wealth they have, the happiness they undergo, about their children, their education, their lives, and other parameters like any hardship or loss in their lives. 




As mentioned earlier, in Hindu marriages, marriages are treated as the sacred union of two people who would like to live with each other together forever. To make their life more beautiful, before the wedding, the elders go for kundali matching. Therefore, in Hindu Vedic Astrology, the most vital part is given to the pairing of kundalis of both male and female. 


The Indian Vedic Astrology is more divine that it can reveal the estimations of the future of the married couple. Vedic Astrology also has a provision in which the specialists in astrology will easily predict the fortune of people who are going to get married soon, which may include the above-said aspects like their married life, health, wealth, fortune, their children, any sufferings, etc. The kundali stands alone through which all these aspects, along with some other factors that are not mentioned earlier, like the intensity of their relationship, strengths, and weaknesses, etc. Once the kundali chart is made and the astrologers find an excellent matching score between them, then they suggest proceeding for marriage, or else they advise any other alternatives for the problems encountered in the chart.


Thus, through this, one can find how remarkable it is to match the horoscopes or the birth charts, which are also labeled as kundalis of both males and females before their marriage.