Numerology: the celestial magic of numbers

Numerology: the celestial magic of numbers

We have always been hearing about lucky numbers ever since we were born. Numbers are known to exert special connotations for many. Some hold on to a strong belief in lucky numbers, while the rest of those who note certain episodes in life tend to transpire in sets, trios and further gatherings. However, some people sense an ordinary and bewildering feeling affiliated with a particular number.

Those are the ones born with innate ability to predict they're lucky charms. They possess roots dating back to archaic times of Babylon, hence the references given to numerology: the cosmic vibrations of numbers came into the picture.

Numerology emphasizes numbers from 1 to 9 with certain symbolic connotations. In regard to a person's number, it means “Life path number' that unveils their potential personality and challenges. Hence, they are calculated by adding (day, month and year) of a person's birthdate. 

For example

Birthdate: December 1, 1975 

Numerical form: 12/01/1975 or you can go by 01/12/1975 — generates the same 'life path number'.

Now, do separate addition: 


Result: 26 

Last and final step:

Since, 26 are two digits, add both of them to generate a final 'life path number' 

Final answer: 8 

Here are 12 'life path numbers' described briefly, first, calculate your life path numbers and cross-check the information below. It is highly intriguing to play with numbers which you are inherited.

Number 1 

People falling under circle number 1, hold tough personality combined with an optimistic perspective. Topped with both mental and physical strength makes you a complete box of strong personality. They don various hats of creativity clustered with original inklings. They are the ones with a head full of ambitions which makes your presence among friends and workmates likeable. Make sure that your assertion doesn't make you too selfish. In case a person's natural energies block, it can lead to several issues like recklessness, passivity or surge into unrealistic goals.

Number 2

People falling under circle number 2, are bound to become natural artists and love to intervene themselves into peace. They love to spend their days with social animals. Following the rules of true honesty and embrace sensitivity, that grows in people under this number. "I can confide in you" best go with them. But be critical with your sincere nature, as it can invite people to take advantage of you. Don't forget to remain attentive to one's and other’s needs. 

Number 3

People falling under circle number 2 possess high levels of Intellectual skills, jolt out creative skin, and lighten everyone's moods with their amusing sense of humour. They are the ones with excellent command over their language, this, get on with flow while communicating with peers and co-workers. They unlock their perceptions to foresee mysteries untold, untouched narratives. They read you like unwrapped butter melting into a pungent boiling pot without anybody's perturbation. This number demands one leap in their goals. It also warns equations concerning to (no goals = no direction). Avoid jobs, day to day tasks or relationships that tend to become tedious at the end of the day

Number 4

People falling under circle number 4 are practical beings carrying a diligent and down-home side to them. When it comes to any kind of backing, friends and family can depend upon their extended arms with a blink of an eye. But at times, their extraordinary spunk can turn into inflexibility. They are the ones who give the utmost importance to a well-disciplined schedule. At any hour, unprecedented incidents may overwhelm them. They can easily resist change like birds clasping their robust wings to dodge the sky rivals. Number 4's must crave for loyal friendships and colleagues. 

Number 5

People falling under circle number 5 unconditionally stand out no matter what crowd it is. People are often drawn to their pleasing nature just like children whining over their favourite toys. They are the ones possessing eclectic interests and may become too fragile at times. They hop onto adventures with full spirit but tend to go haywire when the time for responsibilities arrives. People surrounding number 5 born as natural stars, working too hard won't less or change your talents. 

Number 6

People falling under circle number 6 tend to care about their important ones. They remain devoted to fixing other people's wellbeing and basic rights. They deeply connect with any living creature breathing on the face of the earth, that being said, wild animals too. Make sure you take your time off to recharge human batteries. 

Number 7

People falling under circle number 7 are the ones with inborn spiritual wisdom. They love to experience life on their own terms even if it makes you appear indifferent. They are born with innate quintessence for attracting high standards into one's and others lives. They are extremely desirable individuals who like autonomy in their work purposes while sticking to being loyal until eternity. 

Number 8

People falling under circle number 8 are punched with creative nods, willpower and abundances of good luck charms. Their all-round persona makes a perfect team out of them. You attract those who let you row the boat with no edges. Leading someone is a good thing but don't become too fussy over things. 

Number 9

People falling under circle number 9 are frankly honest and hold so much compassion within themselves. They are often attracted towards generous attitudes in people. They actively participate in humanitarian deeds due to their sensitive nature. Don't be too harsh on yourself as it can put your behaviour in danger.   

Number 11 

People falling under circle number 11 hold a true vision for immense creativity. They imbibe unheard information that attracts many towards them. They are truly focused upon influencing humanity for a good cause. 11 denotes circles of artist, authors, scientists and professors.

Number 22 

People falling under circle number 22 are determined with a deep purpose in life. These are the ones who can achieve the greatest things in the world because of their focused mindset. Make sure to turn away from unhealthy relationships. Being yourself can hurt some.

Number 33 

People falling under circle number 33 remain tuned to their emotional quotient. They are tenfold sensitive and feel the universe with much intensity. You turn other's feelings as your own baby. And caresses relationships like it's the last one.