Numerology Number 6 - Its Features and Life-path

Numerology Number 6 - Its Features and Life-path

If you see a loving, compassionate and peaceful person then congratulations you have spotted numerology number 6. They are on this planet for a special mission and you will get to know about it if you keep reading this article.  

If you are a number 6 or know one, then you are at the right place. 

In this article, you are going to discover personality traits, career choices, and the love life of numerology number 6. 

Personality traits of numerology number 6 

If you were born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any particular month then you are numerology number 6. You are nurturing and delightful. If your friend is sick then you will bring homemade soup for him. You are the patient teacher that every student needs. Number 6 always look out for their loved ones and are ready to lend a hand to someone in need. 

You have a box of wisdom that you want to share with everyone and you love to teach people. You are ready to provide wisdom and guidance to anyone who wants it. You inspire others with your wisdom and bringing peace in chaos is one of your natural gifts. Other than that they want justice for people who can’t take a stand for themselves.  

You have a heart so big that you can’t stop helping people. That is just your way of doing things. You are caring, honest and always see the good in other people. Sometimes you realize that you spend too much time and effort on unworthy things or people. But you never stop looking for the good in people.  

You release soft energy that people seek you for the great advice. Even strangers can sense your positive energy. Do not get surprised if a random stranger comes to you and starts talking because they have sensed your positive vibes. 

Career choices of numerology number 6 

Wherever you go, you spread glitter and that includes your workplace too. Careers that are related to helping others can be a great fit for you and that includes: 

  • Lawyer 
  • Teacher 
  • Doctor 
  • Nurse 
  • Counselor  

You are like a parent at work that helps their babies through every difficulty. People who work with you adore you so much. 

As a number six, you may want to be a stay-at-home mother or father because your heart lives in your home. As mentioned earlier you bring peace in the chaos, so your home is also peaceful. You keep your home uncluttered and clean. Being surrounded by order and beauty satisfies your soul. Your guide and teach your kid from your life circumstances and you make a great parent. You are a parent that every child can share his/her life secrets. 

The love life of numerology number 6 

You get automatically drawn to people who need a steady and safe impact in their lives. You may have gone through many difficulties and you want to inspire others using those experiences. As a partner, you bring unconditional support and love to the relationship and you want the same thing from your partner. Although you are full of love and compassion, when someone tries to hurt your family or friends you turn into a lioness or lion who just wants to protect their herd in times of danger. If we make a list of your most compatible love matches then it can be as follows: 

6 and 2: When these two souls meet they get in sync, they both are filled with love, compassion, and kindness. They fit perfectly for each other and can create a beautiful life together. 

6 and 4: These two people share the same values so they can make a harmonious relationship together. When you see them, it’s like they are made for each other 

6 and 6: Same numbers getting into a relationship is a sweet treat. Because they both are full of love and value family and friends, they are going to make an incredible match. 

6 and 8: Two people who are positive and open-minded make a powerful couple. They both have a box full of ideas that never seem to get empty. 

6 and 9: They both make a sweet couple that understands each other. Number 6 gives love and number 9 gives recognition and appraisal. 

There are also some numbers with whom number 6 is least compatible 

6 and 1: Number 6 seems to care too much and number 1 loves freedom so that creates problems. 

6 and 5: While number 5 likes to go with the flow, number 6 wants to be in control.