Numerology - "How Numerology Can Help In Building Business? Let's choose your business name as per numerology!"

Numerology -

What is numerology and what makes numbers so significant for it?

Numerology is a divinatory art that comes under the same category as that of Astrology. Both the divinatory practices are used to tell a person’s traits, characteristics, details about their past, present, and future, all by taking into account the person’s date of birth as the primary factor. 

Though astrology makes use of planets and their positions to give out the details that have been listed above, numerology makes use of numbers to do the same. One may feel as to how mere numbers can have so much to them when it comes to things like giving out a person’s traits to making accurate predictions as to what the future may have in store for a person. But if you pay a bit more attention to how numbers are involved in our lives, you will get a sense of an idea as to how we are linked to them very closely. Numbers are entities that all humans are linked with throughout their lives, the smallest example of this that we can take is age. Age is a defining characteristic of any human being. Not only this, if you pay a bit more attention to a concept as important and universal as time, you’ll see that time is meaningless without numbers. These things tell us what amount of significance numbers hold in a person’s life, and how human life is connected to numbers. 

Having discussed how numbers can have such an impact in one’s life that they can be used to predict someone’s future, let us now talk about what Numerology is and how it works.

Numerology is an art of divination that bridges the spiritual connection which happens to exists between numbers and things that happen in and around an individual’s life. It is the divinatory art of studying how numbers can tell more about a human being and their traits, future, past, etc.

How Numerology works, What is an expression number, and how you can decide on a name for your brand whose expression number favors your business?

Let us now move on and talk about how we can make use of Numerology and decide on the names that we can keep for our business. 

Since numerology is all about making use of numbers to help predict what possible outcomes are there for us in the future, we need to learn the method of calculating expression numbers. An expression number is the core entity around which the art of numerology revolves. Different letters or alphabets are assigned a set of numbers, these numbers in turn are used to calculate the expression number.

We’ll be talking about one such method over here. In this method, different alphabets are assigned a different set of numbers from 1 to 9. The number of assignments is like this.

 Alphabets A, J, and S are assigned to the number 1. 

B, K, and T are assigned to 2. 

C, L, U to 3, 

D, M, V to 4, 

E, N, W to 5,

F, O, X to 6,

G, P, Y to 7,

H, Q, Z to 8 

And I, R to the number 9.

 Now that we know about the assignment of different alphabets to numbers, we will now take an example and try finding out an expression number for a random name. 

Let’s take “ORANGE” as an example and calculate the expression number for it.

Firstly we will split the said word/name into its letters. And then consecutively, add the numbers that are assigned to the said digits.

For the word orange, O is assigned to the number 6, R to 9, A to 1, N to 5, G to 7, and lastly E to the number 5 as well.

Adding these, we get, 6+9+1+5+7+5=33

Now if we get a two-digit number as the sum of the numbers assigned to all the alphabets, we add the digits of the number.

Here, for 33, we add the individual digits and get 3+3=6.

Therefore 6 is the expression number for the word/name orange. Now, what significance does the number 6 have? The number 6 is the number for health and home. So for businesses that are related to the healthcare industry or home-based products, should try and keep a name that gives out the expression number 6.

Similarly, all numbers from 1 through 9 are known to have an equal amount of significance, though in different ways. All these numbers kind of favor different sets of industries, so we’ll recommend you to decide on a name for your brand that gives out the expression number that matches the industry to which your business belongs.