Numerology: How it works and interesting facts

Numbers are taught to us from our childhood and have been an essential part of our lives. Everything that we do in our lives from shopping to cooking to even making a phone call, involves the usage of numbers.

Did you ever feel attracted to a certain number? Or did you ever encounter a similar set of numbers in every situation of life? That is where the concept of Numerology comes into action. Believe it or not, numbers hold a lot of value, both numerical and spiritual. Our lives revolve around numbers directly or indirectly, and they have a significant impact on our lives, either good or bad. So, let us learn what Numerology exactly is, how it works, and tips for using it. 

What Numerology exactly is?

It is a concept related to astrology, paranormal, and divine activities, with the idea of having a magnetic connection between numbers and the events occurring in an individual’s life. Or in simple words, the study of numbers and their effect on a person’s life. This is helpful as it tells a lot about an individual and the events occurring in his/her experiences with the help of numbers based on his/her birth date and time.

There is another method in Numerology known as the ‘Pythagoras number system’ This method proposed that each alphabet has a numerical value and involved the study of the same, which is being used in the modern Numerology.

Astronomy and Numerology are both similar concepts, one involves the study of stars, whereas the other involves numbers to obtain specific information and insights.

A brief history of Numerology

●      Numerology is practiced and existed since the ancient times of the mathematics discovery.

●    We can find traces of Numerology in the ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. Chinese culture describes the even numbers to be a symbol of earth and odd numbers to be a symbol of heaven.

●  The method of ‘Pythagoras number system’ that we talked about named after its discoverer, a Greek philosopher Pythagoras (known as the father of Numerology) and was discovered around 590 B.c.

●     In this modern era, the name that stands out for massive contributions in this practice is Dr. Julia Stenton. She is the person who came up with the name ‘Numerology’ for the science related to names and numbers.

How does Numerology work?  

Numerology is a complex and complicated process, and one should go to a professional numerologist for detailed and accurate results. It is believed that the birth date and name have a cosmic impact on the life journey and characteristics of an individual, and hence, the birth date and name of a person are used to find out the numerology portrait of a person.

Numerology portrait is like a numerical chart for each individual that tells a lot about that individual, about the character traits of an individual to how he/she should live his life, and from his weaknesses to his strengths, everything can be studied through the numerology portrait. It is very similar to the astrological chart or the horoscope, which uses the exact time and date of birth of an individual. Still, numerology portrait is a bit easy and only requires the date of birth and the name of a person to work.

Numerology portrait includes six critical numbers, each telling a new characteristic about a person’s life:

1.      Soul number-this tells about what makes or would make your soul happy.

2.      Personality number- this tells about the personality traits that a person displays in front of others

3.      Life path number-this tells about the path you take or should take in your life and also shows who you are.

4.      Attitude number- this tells about one’s attitude towards his/her life.

5.      Power number-this tells about the strength in a person’s character

6.      Birthday number-this tells about your first impression on others.

Numerology is entirely based on mathematical calculations, unlike astrology, which is wholly based on the observations.  This is an enjoyable and exciting process. But one thing should be kept in mind that numbers are infinite, so are the perspectives through which numerology chart is seen.

Usage of Numerology

So, after knowing what Numerology is and how it works, let us now see how we can use Numerology to see a lot about a person’s life. This can be done using the conversion of letters into a numeric value.

The conversion of letters into numbers according to Pythagoras system is straightforward-

1        2    3    4     5     6     7     8     9

A    B    C    D     E     F     G    H     I

J     K    L    M    N    O     P    Q     R

S    T    U    V    W    X     Y     Z

Each number has a certain energy that determines the traits of a person.

1-leadership, innovation, independence

2-sensitivity, cooperation, balance

3-charm, optimism, self-expression.

4-organisation, honest, hardworking.

5-adventurous, change, freedom

6-responsible, harmony, the “parent” figure.

7-learning, observation, introvert

8-success, authority, strength.

9– Idealism, compassion, healing.

Let’s, for example, create a numerology portrait of Katy Perry using her name and birth date.

Name:-Katy Perry

Date of birth: – 25/10/1984

1.      Soul number

To get the soul number, add all the vowels in the title.

Here in this case – a, e

That is 1+5=6, so her soul number is 6.

2.      Personality number

To get the personality number, add all the consonants in the name.

Here in this case- k, t, y, p, r, r, y

That is 2+2+7+7+9+9+7=43, further 4+3= 7, so her personality number is 7.

3.      Life path number

To get the life path number, add the whole birth date.

That is 2+5+1+0+1+9+8+4=30, further 3+0= 3, so her personality number is 3.

4.      Attitude number

To get the attitude number, add up the birthday and month.

That is 2+5+1+0=8, so her attitude number is 8.

5.      Power number

To get the power number, add the personality and soul number.

That is 7+6=13, further 1+3=4, and her power number is 4.

6.      Birthday number

To get the birthday number, look at the day a person was born.

She was born on 25, further 2+5=7, so her birthday number is 7.

By the above calculations, we can create Katy’s numerology portrait i.e., 673847

So, by looking at the picture and their energies, we can summarize these traits about Katy are responsible, introvert, self-expressive, successful, energetic, organized, and hardworking, and a learning person.

So now that we know what Numerology is, how does it work, and also how to use Numerology to find out information about a person and the effect of numbers on his/her life. So let us now see some of the exciting facts about Numerology.

Exciting facts and beliefs about Numerology

●       There are only nine correct numbers, and the rest are the combinations of those numbers, and number 9 has a secure connection with nature like nine planets and also nine months for the birth of a child.

●       All the numbers used in Numerology may have a positive or negative effect.

●       If a person changes his/her name during his lifetime, still the personality traits of the previous name would have an effect on the person’s life.

●       Some people believe that the time 11:11 am/pm is very lucky and all the wishes made at this time come true.

●       Numerology is believed in a lot of religions such as Christians believe that number 666 is a sign of devil or the bad energies, ,and the number 888 is a sign of Jesus and holy spirits.

●       In numerology numbers 11, 22, or 33 are considered master numbers and have a powerful meaning, either good or bad.

Now that you know about Numerology and how it works, you can create your numerology portrait and know more about yourself and the people you know.




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