Numerology and Health

Numerology and Health

Numerology is a part of astrology in which a person’s future events can be determined by some numerical patterns observed from our daily lives. By solving one equation numerologist are able to discover one’s Life Path Number which can tell us about future possibilities. It can only tell you the possibilities about what may happen to you in the future, what are the challenges you may have to face but it cannot guarantee you about those predictions.

Many people from ancient times used to believe in the concept that everything has some numerical patterns related to it which can be solved and their results can help us to know about a person’s inner world. Like Astrology, Numerology too can be used to determine health issues. These things are just beliefs or are actually correct is difficult to say due to the lack of any scientific evidence. But some people still believe in the concept of astrology and numerology.

How does Numerology work?

Numerology is similar to astrology. In astrology, your zodiac sign is used to determine about your future events and in numerology your life path number or the numbers obtained from your name which is known as Name Numerology is used to determine your life.

How to find your Life Path number?

Life path number is a single-digit number which is obtained by adding the numbers from your birth date.

For example: If your date of birth is 8/8/1999.

Then, add all the digits from the birth date until it becomes one single-digit number.

In this case: 8+8+1+9+9+9=44


So, a person born on 8/8/1999 will have a Life Path Number 8.

There are 9 life path numbers in total ranging from 1 to 9.

What does the life path number say about your health?

Number 1: People with this number tends to have problems related to the heart or kidney. They are also expected to suffer from mental problems like stress, low self – esteem, insomnia, etc.

Number 2: Number 2 people are considered to be very aggressive. They are also likely to suffer from mental problems like sleep disorders, or issues with temper. Physically, they are expected to suffer from issues related to head, digestion, circulation, and breathing.

Number 3: Skin, kidneys, nervous system or blood-related issues are likely to occur to people with life path number 3.

Number 4: Number 4 is prone to suffer from cold and cough, arms or legs problems. There are higher chances of suffering from depression as well.

Number 5: These people are considered to take too many mental pressures as a result of which number 5 people are likely to suffer from mental problems like stress, anxiety, etc. People belonging to this number are advised to do yoga or meditation to relax their minds. Physically, they are considered to have good health. But kidneys or skin problems can be some issues that they might suffer.

Number 6: Lungs, Nervous system, nose or frequent cold and flu are some issues of people with Number 6. They are not likely to suffer from any mental or emotional issues.

Number 7: Number 7 people are supposed to suffer from problems involving skin, heart, blood circulation and fevers. They are also considered to get nervous very frequently that can lead to mental issues like stress.

Number 8: These people are supposed to have ear, liver, head or teeth issues. Migraine or headaches can occur frequently to them.

Number 9: Problems related to throats, lungs, kidneys, shoulders or neck can occur to people belonging to this number.


These are not accurate assumptions but possibilities that are predicted based on your life path number. No scientific research has proved about its accuracy so use these concepts only to take preventive measures before the occurrence of any disease. But don’t completely rely on concepts like Numerology and Vedic or Medical Astrology.