NUMERO UNO – The Number One Career According to Numerology

NUMERO UNO – The Number One Career According to Numerology

Numerology, like astrology, is an art form derived from science, which focusses on predictions that would be based solely on numbers. These numbers are none other than those that would be there in the person’s name and date of birth. All these art forms put together to give predictions that are more accurate. In a matter of importance such as a career, adhering to false notions and advice is a dangerous thing. Numerology, in one way, shows a path, treading through which may give the most desirable results. It will not order a person to along one particular path but will give advice on which would be the best suiting ones, among which the person will have to make their choice depending on their interests and passion. Numerology calculates different numbers, which will then be used to assess the person’s suiting careers and all other aspects. The life path number, expression number, soul urge number, personality number, and birthday number are calculated from numerology, among which, the life path number guides one along the best career paths, which promise them to take heights. The other numbers to hold a great amount of importance in the determination of a person, on the whole, one referring to the emotional aspects, one referring to the practical aspects and decisions and so on go the others. Identifying their significance will give an overall personality analysis of the person, which will again depend on their birth name and date of birth. A mistake in either of these details will lead to incorrect readings, which cannot be relied upon.

Life Path Number and The Path it Shows

Each life path number holds a significance, determining the person’s nature, which shall indirectly guide them along with a career that would be the best suiting one for them. If a person goes by his natural tendencies and interests in choosing a career for themselves, they would benefit in terms of satisfaction, as well as monetary gains. Though astrological aspects are not the only ones that determine the nature of a person, especially related to their professional aspects, it is necessary that they go through the aspects that guide them, to take care of the luck factor, which has significance in one’s life.

Life Path Number 1 – The most free-spirited number rules these people, who find happiness in being their own king and minister. Professions involving independence and leadership are their best-suited ones, which they can excel without having to face many difficulties. They do not take orders and even if they do, the execution would vary largely from the prescribed way, if they find a mistake in it. Freelancing, entrepreneurship, craftsperson, etc. will suit them the best among all other careers.


Life Path Number 2 – They are strong and yet the most concerned ones in the numerology order. Professions that demand a perfect blend of their caring nature along with the resilience they possess, will be their most suited one. The teacher, doctor, therapist, counselor, fashion designers, caretakers, etc. are the professions that suit them the best. They can express their care along with a rebellious nature that shall not be expressed without a cause. They seem the hardest shells to crack on the outside, leading their employees and colleagues to generally misunderstand their nature. Once their caring face shows up, it would be easier to deal and express their opinions.


Life Path Number 3 – They are the people with the most unconventional thoughts. The activities that demand repetition and continuity are not their thing at all. Careers that involve moving away from the general way of doing things will be their first choice. They thrive for peculiarity and uniqueness in each career they take up. They are also multi-taskers that pride in balancing their nature. Arts, advertising, marketing, politics, writers, journalism, etc. will be their most favored career options, which will open them to variety and present them with challenges that do not see an end.


Life Path Number 4 – They are exact opposites in terms of choices to the number 3s. They would prefer repetitive nature over challenges and would involve in activities that demand a keen observation of details. They are very particular about perfection in their tasks, sometimes resulting in unwanted delays. Due to their dedication towards one particular way of doing things, they are best suited in positions such as banking, financial planning, engineering, lawyers, etc. They would find their happiness in athletics too where their dedication towards the sport will take them places.


Life Path Number 5 – They are most risk-taking of all the other numbers. They are mostly attracted to professions that call for outdoor travel and exploration, especially in the ones that involve risky acts, which would generally be denied by many. They would be found doing things that will be named among the riskiest, giving them fame, they did not ask for. They find their happiness in risky ventures, antique objects dealings, curating museums with valuables, etc. Keeping them enthusiastic will keep them in their profession for long.


Life Path Number 6 – They invest their heart and soul into the profession they take up. They would happily continue in the career of their choice for longer durations, unlike many others. Their best options would include teaching, construction, etc. which are only a few to mention. Apart from these, they excel in professions that involve dedication and a great amount of experience. Generally, every profession they take up will be a means of being dedicated to the organization, making them continue in it longer.


Life Path Number 7 – They are among the most intelligent people, who are the ones that can solve their problems even in their dreams. Research-oriented careers, especially in sciences like physics and mathematics would be their go-to career paths. Stephen Hawking, one of the most renowned people in this field, has a life path number of 7. So the extent of intelligence they possess can be estimated considering this. Writing military strategies would be another profession of greater importance to them, where they can put in their excellence into action, leaving the enemies with no option but to surrender.


Life Path Number 8 – They will be one among the best businessmen and women among all the others. Their love for taking up authority and handling unexpected situations with the tactic is an inherited talent that would generally be acquired through observation and learning. Their business strategies will gain prominence from clients, posing them better opportunities in this field. They will be focused on their career and will be ambitious in nature, striving towards reaching their goals. Apart from businesses, they would exhibit their excellence in the fields of surgery, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals, etc. Their focus on career must be taken care of, else, it would end up destroying the personal life they have.


Life Path Number 9 – They are the most sensitive ones to address the needs of others, even if it demands their own destruction. They have a special ability to guide others along the path and being in a position to differentiate and judge between right and wrong. They will turn out to be the best coaches, who will tread along the path of success and guide their students along the roads of excellence. They are also well suited for the positions of archeologists, anthropologists, sociologists, social artists, etc. They are their best when they can express their talents in the right way.


Numerology, similar to the other forms of astrology is a reading that would focus on numbers and its relevance to a person’s future, past and present. It would be better if someone guides themselves along the path in terms of their career in the ones that are known to suit them the best. But, if a clash of passion and astrology is observed, clearly the following passion will be advised. Astrology may go wrong, passion does not. If the passion of a person will not be encouraged by someone and does not see a proper future among all the professions, one can always fight for what they have loved all along.