November’s Boons and Blessings for Each Sign

November’s Boons and Blessings for Each Sign

October 23rd to November 21st marks the onset of the Scorpio Season. Each season is complemented by the change in planetary positions which bring with it various impacts on each zodiac. Scorpio season too, especially the month of November has an array of changes in store for each sign. Just like the Scorpio, this season brings for each sign a passionate, adventurous, and dramatic experience. Scorpio season and especially the month of November blesses signs with a grasp over communication skills and deep-rooted relations with loved ones. Curious to know what this dark and mysterious month has in store for your sign? Read below to rattle and ramble your brain cells!


What the Changes of Planets in November have in Store for Each Sign:


Aries’ ruling planet - Mars, finally ends its long hibernation in retrograde and brings with it a burst of energy and force. You are blessed with the superpower of confidence which you can invest in flirting skills and also asking for a raise! Aries has always mastered the task of making things go their way, in tough times or nice, and the sudden burst of optimism only highlights this trait. 



Mars has been in a two-month-long retrograde which has made you slow, lazy, and in-active. The burden of the world has fallen heavy on you Taurus and it is time to get up and shine! Thankfully, Mars finally comes out of its retrograde bringing with it lots of blessing your way. A heavy burden will be lifted from your chest. Also, Venus enters the Scorpio season which only translates to a spicy sex life for you!



Gemini, your usual social butterfly is advised to stay indoors to rest and recharge as the dark moon of Scorpio positions itself over your sign. Sagittarius season will let you emerge again, strong and confident, and your charismatic self but till then, get the beauty sleep you’ve been lacking for so long. Geminis are highly advised to stay indoors, especially during the full moon which brings with it high-end drama.



Cancers have always been known for their caring nature and this month brings out this trait all the more. Use it to help ease stressed family and friends. Cancer, don’t be afraid as Mars ends it's retrograde and brings with it a battle. Bring out your fierce warrior self and fight it with all your might. Nothing can bring you down!



Don’t let the negative vibes your friends and family give out, bring you down Leo! Embrace your positive self and use your charm to help your loved ones come out of difficult times. Aye, the horny season makes its way into your life. Embrace it with fiery sex or even, sexy toys!



Virgo, your communication skills are in for an optimistic turn so don’t keep quiet and use it to your advantage. Invest in deepening your relationships and finishing off pending tasks. The end of Mars’ retrograde blesses you with fresh energy. Utilize it to emerge triumphantly and face your fears with your head held high.



Finally, the burden on your love life is lifted with the entry of November. The much-awaited texts finally enter your screens and you couldn’t be any happier. Your libido is refreshed by Mars ending its retrograde. When your ruling planet- Venus enters Scorpio, you may experience financial troubles but don’t worry. All you need to do is keep calm and keep your spirits high!



Scorpio, this your season but may bring a bit of spookiness with it too. Your overthinking and over-analyzing instincts may drive you crazy so keep your chill. Days ahead may be stressful for you Scorpio so remember to relax and not push away your loved ones like you always do!



Hello Sagittarius you are going to experience both inward and outward personalities. You are blessed with birthday positivity this month and all things good are in store for you. Oh, use your creativity to have a pleasant month ahead!



Capricorn, November brings for you a month of hectic and tiresome schedules. So instead of always stressing through it, please remember to rest and give yourself the well-deserved self-care! Take time out for yourself and just RELAX.



Aquarius you are advised to stay level-headed while at the same time take correct decisions as people look up to you. Fight for everything you believe in. Be assured that good news comes your way a bit late into the month. Thanks to Uranus!



The month may start on a stressful note but Mercury’s entry into Scorpio will bring with a hot and spicy love life with deep-rooted connections. You will experience an adventurous and bold spirit as Sagittarius season begins. Fill your mind with imaginative fantasies!