Navigating Your Way into the Heart of a Virgo Woman

Navigating Your Way into the Heart of a Virgo Woman

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the realm of zodiacs and is represented by the Goddess of wheat and agriculture, the Maiden. The maiden signifies the beauty and charm possessed by the Virgo woman. It also explains their deep-rooted presence in the physical world.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and is a mutable sign. Virgo spans the 150-180th degree of the zodiac and belongs to the element of earth. As they belong to the element of earth, Virgos are individuals who are sensible, wise, and well-grounded.

Belonging to the element of the earth also explains the reason for the sensuality possessed by the Virgo woman. Born between the 22nd of August and the 22nd of September, Virgo women are definitely one of a kind. If you are involved with a Virgo woman in your life or are one yourself, I am sure you can relate to the following traits that make them super special. And, if you find yourself falling for one, this article can help you navigate your way into their hearts!


Special Traits of a Virgo Woman


Perfectionist AF- 

Virgo women are known for their organizational skills and ability to strive for perfection in everything they do. Half-assing her way through life is a strong no for them. Either the work is done perfectly, or the work isn’t done at all- that’s the motto a Virgo lives by. And needless to say, she will put in every effort to make everything she does with perfection. You can almost say, she was born this way!


Human lie detector alert- 

If you tend to lie your way through life, it is better to stay out of a Virgos way. They hate lies and that makes them easily detect one. They are so perfect in understanding changes in tones when someone lies, that it is almost creepy. She smells deception from miles away. It is as if the Virgo woman has a sixth sense that helps them see right through the person who is lying. 


Hello, wise owl- 

Don’t mistake a Virgo woman’s stone-cold resting face to be one of less intelligence. Instead, it is the complete opposite. Virgo women are as wise as the owl and knowledgeable about various aspects of life. She is very analytical and logical which makes her easily separate right from wrong. 


Workaholic alert- 

Virgo women love their work and often put work above other things. They are complete workaholics and love to strive. They dream big and achieve high. Their work ethics are one of the best among the zodiacs and their urge for perfection only acts as a push towards the best presentations and display. However, their need for everything to be perfect is what makes them over-worked at times.


A low-key Witty soul- 

Virgo women are very witty and clever. Fluent at sarcasm, Virgos are fast thinking women who have the perfect comebacks at the tip of their tongue. Their clever virtues and values make them a perfectly witty soul, admired by others.


Fiercely Independent- 

Do not dream of restricting a Virgo woman in any way because they are super independent and value their independence above others. Virgo women hate to rely on others for their work and are self-sustainable. 


Not afraid to speak her mind- 

Beware of the Virgo women as she isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. They will be straightforward with you about what she feels. They do not mind if it is rude, they will make sure they are heard. She is a strongly opinionated woman and will display her thoughts outrightly. 


Cleanliness Freak- 

If there is a mess anywhere, a Virgo woman is far away from it. Virgo women like things spic and span and neat and tidy. You will occasionally find her cleaning even spotless places because that’s how much she values cleanliness. While this habit may be a bit irritating at times, you are sure to have a clean and healthy environment all around you.



Virgo women know their way around things and have the trait of seeing through things. Her strong analytical skills know exactly the risks involved in any situation and thus, is prepared with all kinds of solutions to get rid of them.