Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies. These movements of the sacred bodies of space will leave a profound impact on human lives on earth. This so-called pseudoscience, astrology, has been gone through various advancements.

Now let us glance at the official definition that has been widely accepted by the Oxford Dictionary.



"The study of the movements and relative position of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world."

–       Oxford English Dictionary


Indian Vedic Astrology is the archaic system of astrology in the world. Many studies have proven that the Indian Astrology differs from both western astrology and Chinese astrology. Indian Astrology is just believed to be a superstition right now. But many don't know how impactful it is. Astrology works based on time, date, and latitudinal and longitudinal parameters. These parameters determine the happenings of the events that occur in an individual's life or the affairs going to happen in a country when the national issues are considered. Now let us work on the subparts of Astrology. Coming to the subpart of astrology, we have nine subgroups under the main subject called Astrology.

They are:

● Medical Astrology or Astropathalogy

● Astray meteorology

● Mundane Astrology or Judicial Astrology

● Natal Astrology

● Horary Astrology

● Election Astrology

● Kabbalah Astrology

● Kerala Astrology

● Omens


In the framework, we have come across the several subs branches of the ancient Astrology. From this moment, let us concentrate on one of the subgroups, I.e., Natal Astrology.



In general, the Natal Astrology is also inferred as Genethliacal Astrology.  Here in this system of natal astrology, we mainly concentrate on the personal details of the individuals. They are commencing with the confidential information of a person. The astrologers use those elements and prepare a chart known as a natal chart. Thus, one can quickly note that the natal chart is given the most important in the natal astrology. Knowing one's exact date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth, it is quite simple to construct a natal chart using those details. However, the principles of natal astrology are not only found in Indian astrology or also called Hindu Astrology but indeed they are widely included in both Western astrology and Chinese Astrology. However, the natal chart is as same as that of a horoscope. Here the primary purpose of horoscope or a natal chart is that they show the positions of distinct planets like the mighty Sun, who is generally addressed as the Father of the solar system, the Moon, who is labeled as the Queen of the solar system. Here the natal chart also includes the ascendant and midheavens along with the angles or aspects that are related to them. Once the chart is designed, then the astrologer can easily interpret the nature or character of the individual. 




The formulated natal chart using the personal data of the individual gives information regarding the positions of different planets like the Sun, the Moon along with other planets in addition to other constellation of stars. But the designed natal chart must be interpreted to give appropriate predictions that change the fortune of the individual in terms of health, intelligence, wealth, finances, etc. As a part of the interpretation, three steps are needed to be followed during the time of the interpretation. They are:


● One must notify the significant characteristics of the chart

● Chart weighing 

● Chart shaping




An astrologer must have keen observation while interpreting the prepared natal chart. He or she must make sure that the exceptional scrutiny is given to the positions of the planets like the mighty Sun and the Moon. Along with these, the sign on the house, sign on the ascendant and the planet that regulates the sign must be given a good amount of importance during the interpretation process of the natal chart. Therefore the complete procedure is quoted as an ascendant ruler or chart ruler. 




Chart weighting usually deals with the listing of all the planets like the Sun, the Moon and other planets, ascendants, and midheaven under the category of sign and house. They are also categorized based on the significant classifications they mostly appear in.



Chart shaping mainly concentrates on the positions of several planets. The examination of locations of the planets and other celestial bodies in the natal chart is done under the name of the chart shaping. Here they also check for the relation between the positions and results of the planets that are adjacent to each other. 

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