The term astrology is a pseudoscience phenomenon that holds information regarding planetary positions along with the locations of various constellations of stars in the space. Among the several types of astrology available in the world, the Indian astrology is deemed as the purest form in the universe. Indian Astrology is admired by every nation in the world and has started to take up the principles mentioned in Indian astrology. However, the Indian astrology includes the importance of stances of distinct planets like the Sun, the Moon along with the other constellation of stars in the space. Indian Astrology is the archaic system of astrology in the world. Many studies have proven that the Indian Astrology differs from both western astrology and Chinese astrology. The scholars stress the fact that the Indian Astrology entirely deals with the time, latitudinal, and longitudinal a date of the birth of the individual. The above said are the most critical parameters that determine the destiny of the person. Here in the Indian Vedic Astronomy, great importance has been given to the positions of constellations of stars along with the sun and other planets. Since the above are the essential parameters while inferring the outlook of an individual's life, therefore, the astrologers ask for the correct time of birth and place of the birth of any individual. Because this determines the exact position of the sun, other planets, and the stars at the time of the birth of the individual, which helps them in further calculations and predictions. Therefore the horoscope made in case of any individual to read his or her future, it completely works on the positions of the celestial bodies. Through this, one might easily understand the importance of horoscopes in the Hindu astrology that is being followed by ages. 

In the above context, we made it clear that the importance of Hindu Astrology and what are the various important parameters that are widely used in the implementation and other calculations. Now let us acquire the knowledge of Nadi Astrology, which is deemed as the most elegant subpart of the Indian Vedic Astrology or so-called Hindu Astrology.



Nadi astrology is considered as a form of Dharma Astrology. Nadi Astrology is broadly practiced in the areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Also, the tradition of Nadi Astrology is followed or also practiced in the adjacent regions of both TamilNadu and Kerala in our nation. The Nadi Astrology is wholly based on the principles that deal with past, present, and also the future of an individual. Here the persons who wish to know about their life. Here the people of old periods have been foreseen by Dharma Sages in ancient days. During the primordial periods, they used the Tropical Zodiac with some sidereal Nakshatras systems for calculations. 




In TamilNadu, whatever texts we find are usually found there are available for Vattezhuthu. This is the most ancient script of Thamizh. These texts were written by the old priest or Rishi, known as Agastya. He developed those scripts with high consciousness. However, the records of olden days, where they practiced these principles have been still prevailing.



The basic concept one can understand behind the Nadi astrology is Nadi. According to the earlier records of the knowledge regarding the Nadi Astrology, there are almost 150 Nadis in a Rashi or a sign. Here one sign is at 30 degrees in every Zodiac of 360 degrees. In this Nadi Astrology, all twelve zodiac signs are mainly divided into three categories. They are:

● Movable(chakra)

● Dual(Dvisvabhava)

● Fixed(Sthira)


Here in the case of Nadi Astrology, we generally have two types here. They are:


● Naadi speaks about all the personal data of an individual. Here any person can learn about their past, present and also about the future happenings. Also, one can enquire and learn about things like securing a job or getting married or construction of a house, etc.

● There is one more type in the Nadi Astrology, i.e., JeevaNadi. It is entirely different from the first type of Nadi astrology. Here, in this case, the astrologers completely deal with the things or events that are entirely happening at the moment right in the society. Therefore this type of Nadi Astrology is considered to have a relation with the things that are occurring in life.


The above context has successfully explained the word Nadi Astrology. It also illustrated the necessary facts about the Nadi Astrology that have been followed from ancient times.

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