Mythology Of Gods And Their Relatable Zodiac

Mythology Of Gods And Their Relatable Zodiac

The idea that lies behind zodiac is associated with mythology in various historical phases. And you can use the myths in the astrology as a tool to fulfill the needs and desires. It connects each and every person to a sense of terror and wonder.

You get fantastic tales with an extraordinary experience to open up to a wide variety of opportunities and challenges. It forms images and imaginations to dream big and about the formation of the meaning of the world. It covers up the mind through endless mysteries of life and experiences.

It frames up the world and conveys the message of social codes and morally to things with values. Myth functions as a teaching course that has lessons to give and teach people. It helps you to explore yourself and become a full person of what you are to be.

The meaning of mythology for each sign is given below as follows- 


Chrysomallus is a fantastic flying dragon that is a mythological creature created by the Mercury that would rescue the children. After this, it was sacrificed and the golden fleece was tied to an oak tree that was protected by a dragon. Here the tree is a connection to the three worlds where the dragon is the lower self showing the lust for power. The bull shows the control of the ego that is the middle world while the fleece shows the spiritual and moral nature that is the higher self.


It includes three myths that are transforming the lover into a bull or cow. The transformation was a deception that ultimately did not work out instead bought a complexity. The first lover transformer into a cow and then the other one into a white bull. The above two myths were a scientific study of the universe and the next one depicts the educative theme.


The myth of transformation into a swan who seduced the mother of two twin brothers. The twins are regarded as heroes who are represented as the helpers of humanity. The mythical meaning of this can be both regarding the universe and the social nature of the duality. 


A great crab was sent to fight against Hercules in the battle and figured to be 12 labors of the Hercules. The myth is that Hercules was on a wild beast for all the stories fighting against the main evil enemy difficult to be defeated.


It states the difference between punishment and penance to have courage. You must admit the mistakes and accept the consequences that would give you strength. You should have inner strength and with that, you would get the outer armor.


It also states the sociological theme proposing the duality for the feminine behavior to nurture its people. It gives you divine gifts, hospitality, and charity, in sacred and mysterious agriculture. 


You would see a goddess of justice and the immortals to live on earth with humans. But since humans have become selfish and away from humans. It shows you the light of humanity and the return of the duality.


It balances the masculine nature and reduces the boasting nature of you. It also maintained a balance between morality and duality. You must be true to self and not keep boasting unnecessarily for the power.


You get the content of knowledge, art, and the wisdom to teach the people. You are a skillful teacher of arts and sciences professionally. You will be praised by the students, followers, and fans.


You are an intelligent and honorable person and the theory has been given to speak of very ancient intelligence. You would see humanity evolving in the past that too rationally.


You get a deep understanding and learn more about the idea of the water bearer. It would fix the boundaries, and keep giving the roles to each and every person. It tells you that you have the power of duality and to remove all the old boundaries and build up the new ones.


It ties you both together as the good and the evil creatures. There exists a duality in the flow of fish, if upwards then spiritual else if along then materialistic. You would see or look at both sides of any situation or problem. You will achieve both harmony and completeness in life that is due to the increment of opposites.

It actually tells you about the goddess of each individual's sign that would connect you to abundance and astrology both. You should search for the history and the medieval period to solve the mysteries and myths. The relationship you have would be healed and you should talk and connect more with the Moon.

It has mysterious energy and is ruled by Asteroid, Black Moon, and the Dark Moon Lilith. You are a quick-witted, intelligent person that is ruled by the planet of love. The three are connected with each other and provide energy which gives an understanding of light, dark and maintain feminity.

There exist a goddess of stability and achievement as well which represents status aligned to traditions. In any relationship in life, equality is the most important thing. It fulfills you both internally and externally with satisfaction and encouragement. Some of the myths are there to represent sex, death, and the transforming changes.

There is an interconnection between astrology and mythology as both of them provide the stage for each other. The terms and conditions of astrology are based on the myths and beliefs that are ancient. You have a goddess for love, knowledge, and relationship that guides you through the difficult times and problems.

You get to know the role of money and it's importance in life as you gain knowledge of different things such as birth, growth, and death.