Mystery Solved!!: Five Most Investigative Zodiac Signs

Mystery Solved!!: Five Most Investigative Zodiac Signs

Have you ever imagined yourself being a detective and solving mysteries in full force? If yes, then do you think that you can pull that off not just in your reel life, but also in your real life? Well, if you sense a detective within you then you must belong to one of these 5 zodiacs because they have the best detective streaks out of all the twelve zodiacs. Have a look!!

The nosy investigators: Gemini

What can one say about these twin signs, they are all about double trouble and they even possess double the power. This is because, Geminis are known to be twin signs, and as twins, they carry the force of two in them. Speaking of the best investigators in the course of zodiacs well, then Geminis would be the first subject on the authority. 

Geminis are highly instinctive and suspicious in general, they have their way with words and they might take out all the answers from within you without even you realizing it. Their suspicion can make them the best stalkers, just one look at your social media account, and Bam! they have all the information they needed. 

Their socializing personality acts as a cherry on the top, as they tend to make use of their conversationalist nature into talking the truth out of you. So, be aware of these nosy investigators, as once they sense a mystery they might not relax until the mystery is solved (by them of course). 

The perfect investigation”: Virgo

They are nothing like the Geminis, being gossipy and nosy is not their cup of tea. But they are still known to be by far one of the best zodiacs in terms of investigative skills. It is seldom claimed that people with a balanced and logical mindset are the most analytic and likely to solve a mystery. 

And the Virgos are balanced and logical to an extent that they don’t really believe in assumptions until and unless they have solid proof regarding the claim. These intricately observant beings tend to observe you from head to toe in such a sharp manner that they leave no stone unturned in terms of their investigation. 

If they are suspicious of you, then you better not fake your actions or act smart in front of them, or else they’ll catch you red-handed. And this is because they are just simply so damn good with this game. 

The intensive detectives: Scorpio

Expect the unexpected”, is probably the tagline that suits a Scorpio while we justify that why are they known to be one of the best detectives. They’ll fool you in a way that you will probably never be able to decode their actual motive. 

Yes, they are not fond of being nosy and interfering in everyone else’s business, but that does not mean that they don’t know about the talk of the town, they have their sources you see?! Scorpios have their way with the truth, their intuitive personality is what gives them the knack for investigation.

So, if you’ve committed a crime then you better not think of running away as the Scorpios will catch you anyway. 

The Smartly Curious ones: Sagittarius

Well, you all know a Sagittarius as an adventurer and explorer, but do you know that their thirst for knowledge can take them anywhere? Well, if not then you sure underestimated them! Sagittarians are always looking for something and their search is never-ending. They’ll probably come out as the quirky explorers at first, but who knows what goes around in their freaky minds. 

Speaking of their investigating streak, well then all you need to know is that there is no such mystery not known to them. Their search consists of no boundaries and nothing is impossible for them to solve, so their detective skills will not give up until they have the answers that need to solve the missing puzzle. 

The Taskmasters at work: Capricorn

For all those who know Capricorns, they must know that these zodiac signs are nicknamed the taskmasters”. And this is because of the fact that their hardworking and workaholic nature is what drives their investigative streak. They can be the perfect candidate for being chosen as a detective, their "never giving up" attitude is what takes them to the end of the game. 

These taskmasters are methodical, and they will go through every minute detail before solving the mystery. So, if you’re thinking of hiring a new cop on the team, then I must say that the Capricorns are the best ones to be taken into account.