Though this is one of the spookiest season of the year, the Sun moves to the Scorpio bestowing the energy of the Witches. Scorpio is ruled by the shadow planet of Pluto and is related to everything that needs transformation, secrets or something that is yet to be revealed. With the blue moon on Halloween, the zodiac of Taurus with Uranus will be full of tricks in life. Later, after that time, with the luck of Jupiter, the long term ambitions or the goals can be well achieved.

This is what the mysterious Scorpio has in store for each of the zodiacs in the chart:


There will be situations where the Aries might have to take decisions of great importance in their life. With the hold of relationship and partnership, there will be a sense of commitment that might come up during the Scorpio season.


For the Taurus, there will be a time where the unexpected might occur when they have been expecting something else. There will be a great value that will be seen in the sector of relationship but they will put work beyond anything in this situation.


Geminis will be quite efficient and will be brainstorming themselves with ideas to turn them into reality. With the blue moon, there will be a great deal of workload so that they can enjoy the life with pleasure in the later time.


With the influence of Scorpio, Cancer will be shifting their focus on self-love. They will understand that this is the healing period and the worst time has ended. Now only the good things will be happening in life.


Leo is going through a great deal of a shadow side when it comes to this mysterious season. They are quite low about their whereabouts and are trying to take care of their situation. They are in their hermit mode, thinking and evaluating about how to take a right decision.


Virgos are moving towards a level which requires communication and that includes good luck. There will be communication that might lead to important decisions that will be sown in the future. There might be a start of something new as well.


Libra is trying to live most of its life with the present situation. They are focusing a lot more on themselves and a lot less on others. They are also thinking of closures in a few areas of their life. There might be a chance of a huge transformation with clarity regarding closeness in relationships or even regarding debt.


With the birth month, Scorpios are making sure to go back and forth with the decisions that they are trying to take in their life. They are looking back and re-evaluating or taking a second look. They need a lot of self-confidence and clarity for the situation that they are in.


For the Sagittarius, it is time to think, evaluate, retreat, and look at the situation that they are in. They are advised to decide that. They are also instructed not to worry as justice will be served according to the situation they are in.


The way they were and their thoughts are completely changing. They are thinking of growing themselves more with the time and also in their social networks as well. They are thinking of being comfortable with whatever the unknown has to serve them. If needed, they can also move on from the situation they are feeling trapped into.


There is something that will be leaving life and there will be a sacrifice made, be it in love, relationship, job, career, or life. There should not be any kind of sacrifice in the situation. Think of new opportunities and ideas to move life in a clear direction.


There will be a great change in the way of the external phase of how the individual is living their life. There will be plans made to reach the hope, dreams, and goals that have been decided by the Pisces. They will be blessed with the opportunities of resources and energies for a powerful change.

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