Movies Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Movies Based On Your Zodiac Sign
In today’s era of Netflix and chill, we are encircled by outstanding movies that have been gifted to our generation. But choosing a perfect movie can be a stressful activity. It may take quite a lot of time to decide what to watch and what not to according to your mood. So here we are, to your rescue, presenting you with a list of movies that will suit you and your mood accordingly depending on what zodiac you were born under:-


As an Aries, you are very energetic. You are full of braveness and you are up for any adventure that your gang comes up with. You are either inclined towards a lot of romance or else you sit down to watch something adventurous. Movies like, “Die Hard with a Vengeance” and “Black Hawk Down” are full of adventures and action. Series of “James Bond” has to be mentioned when it is about action movies in your list. Romantic movies like “The Proposal”, “50 First Dates” are some great choices for you.


If you are a Taurus baby, it is always about fun, joy, happiness and lots of laughter. Being sophisticated, dedicated and strict, you always have a side that knows how to enjoy life at its fullest without being bothered by anyone. Creativity is your middle name and beauty and comfort are your rightful nature. The set of Vintage movies like “Charlie Chaplin”, “Laurel and Hardy” are some, you can watch anytime. Movies like “Hangover” are your stressbusters. And Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” makes you feel alive than ever.


As a Gemini, you are full of life. You are curious, loving and playful in nature. You are intense and sometimes, you can turn out to be full of suspense and that is why, you have a great taste in mysteries for sure. Thrillers and horrors are your forte. Good movies like “Psycho”, “The Birds” attract a lot towards this sign. Movies like “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “I am a Legend” would appeal to you.


If you are a Cancer baby, you are sensitive and highly emotional. You do not want yourself to be hurt by others so you create a wall around you and that creates a challenging situation. Romance and Drama are like a crème cheesecake for you. The more, the better. Movies like “Love Story”, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” are a few of them, which makes your heart skip a beat for a perfect love story of your own. As you have a strong feminine trait, vintage picks like “Julia” would be perfect for you.


As a Leo, you are the life of the party. You are always in the limelight. Affection, Generosity and your warm nature define you the best. You can watch anything and everything. From romance, drama, and comedy, your folks might suddenly bump on you watching horror, mystery or sci-fi. Movies such as, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Clueless”, “Birdbox” are few of your favorites. “The Blair Witch Project”, “Inception” is the ideal shots for your movie night.


If you are a Virgo baby, you analyze everything in your life and movies are a vital part of it. Stories based on real-life is really appealing to you. Your love for animals is very pure. Documentaries, sci-fi, as well as thrillers, are of a great attraction to you. Movies like “March of the Penguins”, “A dog’s Life”, “The Matrix”, “Back to the Future” are few of the movies you are most likely to binge on with a bucketful of popcorn.


As a Libra, you are a seeker of judgment, balance, and wit as you are a soulful Libra. Romantic movies are really a turn-on for you. If you are low, a romantic movie is enough to lighten up your spirits. You love to relax with a set of sentimental classics too. You are a balance of everything and your movie list reveals it all. Movies such as, “Monalisa Smile”, “A Lot Like Love”, “Before Sunrise” and “ Muriel’s Wedding” are the perfect choices for you. A movie with beer and chips makes it all better.


If you are a Scorpio baby, you are the queen of mystery.  Dark stories and a sarcastic sense of humor is what you are made of. Not to forget, you are the two sides of the same coin. Passion and Revenge are your powers depending on when to use it. When it comes to movies, “The Ring”, “The Orphan”, “Conjuring”, “A Quiet Place”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” are the movies that you find breath-taking and worth-watching.


As a Sagittarius, you are an epitome of Adventure. You are a strict, rude and serious person from the exterior but deep within you are full of love and passion. You have a soft side that is only revealed in front of your family and friends. However, you enjoy movies that are bold and stand out amongst the crowd. Movies like, “ She’s All that”, “Sky High”, “ Casino Royale”, “Back to the Future” are the movies that get on your nerve and serves you a good movie night.


If you are a Capricorn baby, it is in your nature to enjoy movies that surround the family. You are very traditional and you have a mature outlook towards every perspective. You enjoy animated movies and your food for the soul is the sci-fi series. Movies such as “The Matrix”, “Back to the Future”, “Men in Black”, “The Lion King”, and “Despicable Me” are few of the movies that relate to your soul.


As an Aquarius, you are rich in intelligence, creativity and philosophy. You are highly intrigued when it comes to historical, horror, thriller, stories based on real life. You also enjoy movies that have destruction. Thrillers are your forte and you live for it. Movies like, “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “War of the World”, “Oceans 11”, “Ace Ventura” are really a good pick for you if you are going for a movie marathon.


If you are a Pisces baby, you are the apple of the eye for your loved ones. You are full of compassion, wise, and greatly intuitive. The surroundings of the company matter to you more than the movie itself. As a nature of being sensitive, you love to watch movies pouring romance and love. Rom-coms are your personal favorite. Movies such as, “ The Blue Lagoon”, “swept away”, “ Terms of Endearment”, “Love Actually” and “the Break-up” are the trademark for your TGIFs (Thank God It’s Friday).