Most Appropriate Colours to Wear According to your Zodiac Sign

Most Appropriate Colours to Wear According to your Zodiac Sign

Colours have the power to speak a lot about you. The colour we choose to wear can effortlessly express our emotions, feelings and mental state. Wear bright colours give away a cheerful vibe, the darker shades show boldness, and the dull ones express grief and disappointment.

Just like colours, a person's zodiac sign also can tell loads about the person. Just knowing the zodiac sign of the person can enable you to predict several things which probably you would have never known in a single meeting. Also, once choices behaviour attitude personality and a lot more depend on his Zodiac. 

You might have no idea about what Aura is the colour you are wearing, giving away. Various colours are assigned according to the Zodiac signs so that the person could radiate his actual Aura without out a single effort. Now you might be wondering what your zodiac colour is so here we are here to help you out.



Aries is associated with Deep blood colour. The colour signifies passionate affection and has the guts to cease the world and its tracks. The Aries people also need something that could continuously help them calm down and soothe them. This is where pink and white help them, but the best throw is to resist black. Mainly colours such as rust, golden yellow, saffron and mustard will sound appealing to Aries instantly.

Astrological Tip: You must wear deep red on Tuesday's.



Cream, white, pink and black suits the temperament of a Taurus. You should resist wearing red because it will negatively affect you. However, you can replace red with maroon. Sky blue shade and hues of earthy colours such as beige, brown and khaki also tend to appeal you. 

Astrological Tip: You must wear a pink shade on Fridays.



Gemini loves the green colour because it signifies creativity, regeneration and growth. Some other colours which can work for a Gemini person are pink, black, white and red.


Astrological Tip: You must wear green on Wednesdays.



Colours such as sea green, white and blue will work for a Cancer person. Also, yellow will prove favourable for your success. Red has the power to help a Cancer person brighten up at his dull times. However, excess of red is advised to be avoided as it tends, to stir a chaotic effect on emotions. In terms of work, wear, sea green is a good option. Avoiding black is a must for its gloomy effect.


Astrological Tip: You must wear sea green, light blue or white, on Mondays.



Orange colour suits most on a Leo. Wearing orange adds to the magnetic aura and charisma of Leo's personality. Some other colours which would appeal to a Leo are gold, purple and red. It must be noted that pastel and pale tints do not support Leo temperament.


Astrological Tip: You must wear gold or orange on Sundays.



Virgo is a person to whom all colours of pale and pastel appeal — from mauve and peach to light pink and light blue — each of them. Virgo temperament goes in harmony with colours such as bottle green, moss green and black mixed with green. These colours are also rejuvenating for a Virgo.


Astrological Tip: You must wear green shades on Wednesdays.



For a Libra person, blue is the most bright colour, as it signifies proportion and understanding in all domains of life. Black, pink and white also suits a Libra person.


Astrological Tip: You must wear off-white or cream shades on Fridays.



Scorpio has a mystic aura which is rightly captured by Scarlet colour. Shades of red, maroon, purple and bottle green with a tint of black appeal a lot to you. At the same time, pale and pastel shades are not meant for Scorpion people.


Astrological Tip: You must wear deep red or maroon shades on Tuesdays.



Sagittarius people love canary yellow, red, yellow and orange. Blues and yellows are the most suitable colours for a Sagittarius. At times, when you would want to soothe, calm and relax, white can come to your aid. Black might be appealing to you, but it does not provide you with any positive influence.


Astrological Tip: You must wear yellow on Thursdays.



People of Capricorn sun sign prefer to go for more natural shades such as khaki and brown. Capricorn might not wear red quite often but is discriminatory to the colour. White compliments and the combination of black-and-white is the all-time favourite.


Astrological Tip: You must wear black on Saturdays.



To an Aquarius psychedelic colours such as violet appeal the most. Aquarius people love unique shades.


Astrological Tip: You must wear navy blue or violet on Saturdays.



For a Pisces born, yellow has the power to do wonders. Violent and bright shades are jerking for the delicate sensibility of a PISCES person. White tends to be the ultimate love. However, green is the wrong colour to go adequately with a Piscean's mood.


Astrological Tip: You must wear pale yellow on Thursdays.