Moon in the First house- The effects on the Personality

Moon in the First house- The effects on the Personality

The positioning of the Moon in Janam kundli has always played a vital role in forming the personality of the native. When the moon resides in the first house of the person they are highly emotional and delicate human beings. Their personality is rather sensitive towards their environment. Their motto is to go with the flow. Their over-emotional self can bring some conflicts but this is how they are.

They are affectionate and caring human beings and need a partner who always gives a sense of security to them.  When the moon is positioned in the first place the person is overwhelmed by the joy and finds happiness in small things. They are extremely expressive and comfortable around the people they trust.

The more easily they trust people, the more easily they get hurt too. They can feel offended when someone even says something to them in a harsh tone. Their decisions are mostly based on their emotions rather than logic thus there are oftentimes let them down.

Strong urge to get noticed

Along with being extremely sensitive and emotional personality, people are also very caring and of affectionate nature when the moon is in the first house of their Janam Kundli. These natives need to always have their emotions stimulated and to express themselves freely if they are to be truly happy.

These people are moody and can switch from one mood to another with a blink of an eye. They often take things personally and overthink about those conditions. They are proactive so if someone has made any comment to them or made them feel bad, they will bring their defensive mode to work. It is extremely difficult for people to hide their emotions and feeling from others

People with the moon in the first place need to learn how to be more patient and should also give equal importance to others' emotions as well.  As soon as they become impatient, they tend to behave in an extreme manner. When they see something which they haven’t known before, they get excited about it and find everything surprising. They also have a strong need to get noticed by people. Also, they have an extreme talent for accurately judging someone based on their intuitions.

Individuals with the Moon in the first house are straightforward. They will not talk around the bushes and speak whatever is going in their mind, no matter how ridiculous it may sound. They prefer having a conversation with them rather than saying things to those who are least interested.

Some people might consider them cold and take their indifferent behavior in a negative sense but in reality, they are trying to escape their pain and suffering.

If we talk about how they look, these people usually have pale skin color and dark hair. They dress according to the latest trends and always stay updated with the current ones. They easily get annoyed if somebody tries to copy their fashion style. It won’t be wrong to mention that they are obsessed with their fashion sense.

Because of their sensitive nature, it becomes, even more, easier to manipulate and influence them. People can play with their feelings and they will let them do.

They are generally flexible and open to change but if their Moon is in Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus, they tend to be more rigid and do not accept change.

They wear emotions on their sleeves

They are vulnerable and sensitive in their approach towards life and their people. Their reactions are solely based on their emotions rather than rational ideas

The Moon will surely lend them some of its features, so they’ll always seem mysterious, enchanting, and gentle. Very expressive, their temper and feelings are shown on their face, this being the main reason why they simply can’t hide what’s going on in their mind and heart.

What makes the biggest challenge is they are always dependent on somebody else for their own happiness.

For both genders, this celestial body is a great influencer over mood, psychology, and behavior. Many people have strange experiences with the Moon’s phases, some not even being aware of why they are feeling strange sometimes.