Moon in Pisces – Meaning and Personality Traits

Individuals who have the presence of the Moon in the zodiac sign of Pisces tend to live in their world of fantasy; a dream world that completely contradicts reality. The primary element and quality of such individuals are water and mutability. These individuals are very intuitive, compassionate, and extremely dreamy. Their compassionate energy makes them loving partners. While, on the other hand, they can be forgetful, shy, and very introverted. They feel vulnerable in a social gathering. Celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Paul Newman, Morgan Freeman, etc. have been born under this moon sign.  

The Personality of The Moon in Pisces  

People who have been born under the influence of the Moon in the Pisces are natural dreamers. With the strong influence of the Moon on this sign, it makes them further difficult to keep a check on reality. They tend to live in their world of paradise and envision things through rosy red glasses. Their whimsical world generally completely contradicts reality. This sometimes can be a soothing escape from reality but sometimes it can also be harmful. Being highly intuitive these individuals are generally very compassionate.  

Pisces is the last zodiac amongst all. Being the twelfth zodiac, this particular sign tends to absorb the aspects of the remaining eleven zodiacs. These individuals have complete synchronization of their minds and their feelings. They find it comparatively easy to switch their position and step into someone’s shoe and understand their perspective. These individuals are very sympathetic and can very well understand what the other person might be feeling.  

Positive Traits of The Moon in Pisces  

Pisces is a water sign which is represented by fish. The individuals who have their star sign as Pisces are generally dominated by their emotions. They give more importance to feelings and emotions than the analytical perspective of life. They generally surround themselves with surmountable desires which makes them swim through these wants in their fanciful world.  

The Lunar Pisceans end up taking a smaller realistic take on the world. They try to see things from a completely different perspective. Their empathetic nature makes them see others’ perspectives which makes them a great friend. As a result of which even if someone is trying to manipulate them, they try to understand the reason behind their manipulation rather than losing their temper. They can look through the fake sincerity and understand the actual situation. 

Being highly intuitive these individuals tend to accept all the aspects of life. They believe that it is important to walk down all the lanes which life offers with. As a result of which they can sometimes have a huge friend circle despite being introverted. These individuals are highly reliable and will always lend their shoulders to cry upon.  

Negative Traits of the Moon in Pisces  

Moon in the Pisces makes them always dwell in the fantasy world. They sometimes get completely lost in their dream world that makes them vulnerable when it comes to face the harsh reality. Being empathetic, these individuals will always take an extra edge to understand other’s perspectives. This sometimes leads to unwanted circumstances where sometimes they make themselves vulnerable to others who end up taking advantage of their compassionate nature. 

These individuals can be very sensitive and you need to be careful about not hurting them. Once their emotions get hurt, they tend to curl up deep inside their whimsical world and will avoid any kind of interaction with others. Being always understanding people, these individuals become very sentimental and sensitive when others are unable to reciprocate back their emotions.   

Lunar Pisceans can be very forgetful. They enjoy their time dreaming and living in their parallel universe that they tend to be forgetful about their responsibilities. They are not the most reliable ones when it comes to carrying out a serious task or assignment. However, having a large social circle they always find someone who can do the work for them.  


These individuals have charming personalities and it is rather very difficult to hate them. Their caring and understanding nature makes them popular amongst their friend circle. Even if they are going through a tough phase of life or had a bad day, they will never express it to others. They won’t ever let their emotions hurt someone else. Their outlook towards the world is unique and always feels like a breath of fresh air. They gain pleasure by helping others and being there for their loved ones.  

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