Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra

What all we know about astrology is that we are born with a zodiac sign,  not many of us are conversant about the fact that they are actually two- the sun and the moon. The people with the “moon in libra” have a distinctive identity.

It is believed that the people who took birth when the moon was in Libra, are born with an element air which is majorly existing in them. The existence of air is the cause behind their agility.

The Mama Planet

The “moon in libra” is owned by planet venus. Hence, people are more balanced, they just try to keep things balanced and legitimate. They don’t like unfair or biased decisions.

As cited above, planet venus is the mama planet, therefore, people who have their moon in libra are more likely to be captivated towards darker objects or darker colors.

How do Librans are like?

These individuals indubitably are peace-loving people, but when things went wrong, they become harsh punishers also. They do not like any kind of racism and discrimination with other people.

Humans having their moon in libra are eminently affected by their surroundings. Their surroundings have a tremendous effect on them. Also, relationships can be spooky to them. They have to take care of it a lot. 

Elegance, delicacy, fashion, style, art is what makes them captivated. They generally do not think so much before purchasing anything, if they find it beautiful they will purchase it. It does not matter whether that thing is of gold or of silver.

Of course, Librans are charming. Their reflection is just like moonlight. They give the look of cold winter snowy days. Not only charming, but they are also agile. They are fast and so quick while performing any task. 

Masses who have their moon in libra are good listeners and negotiators. They have a good command over words. They always try to understand the other’s point of view. They never try to impose their own rules on others.

Are Librans dependent on others?

People having their moon in libra are much more likely to be dependent on others. They need someone else, no matter when in their life to be with. They seek other’s attention towards them while doing anything.

Bodies having their moon in libra have laziness embedded in them. The reason could be their overthinking. They generally think immensely. Their brain is always in a rush, hence also needs some rest. That’s why they sleep a lot.

These people are only fascinated by smart people. Libran women are much more interested in muscular men, on the other hand, Libran men are attracted to pretty ladies with excellent figures.

These people as cited above are attention seekers, and so how they are also more flirtatious with others. They can easily seek other’s attention by doing so. Even they are more seductive one. 

Besides this, such people with their moon in libra are loyal. Even, they want to remain in the same relationship even if it is broken. They always try to make things better. They rarely cheat their partners in their relationship.

They want to make others happy. They want everyone in their surrounding to be happy by their nature. They always try to be loyal, faithful, and aristocratic. 

Open-minded people

Librans are very open-minded. They also have a good sense of humor. But this sometimes is not so cool as we think. What we call it? Maybe a slip of the tongue or anything else that sometimes, you may have to feel ashamed in a group of people when your secrets are being revealed by them. 

Doubtlessly, they are good people and will never do this to insult someone, but it is also their open-mindedness, or they think this is not a big thing that should be hidden. This nature can put you in trouble, but it is not a big issue and clearly also has a solution.

Always Balanced

People with their moon in libra can conclude a discussion by coming to a mutual agreement. But also, they always try the things to be done simply; they are so balanced that they will not come to a conclusion until they are forced to do.

That does not mean that they are not clear about their ideas. It is just to put things going in the right way.

Hence, from the above discussion, we can conclude that People with their moon in libra are loyal, open-minded, and warm-hearted persons.