Moon in Aquarius - Meaning and Personality Traits

Moon in Aquarius - Meaning and Personality Traits

If you are an Aquarius accompanied by a Moon, party and regular things are not meant for you! You are here to rule the world with your out-of-the-box ideas and effective implementation enabled by your ruling element air and your most outstanding quality of being fixed.  

What if someone were to tell you that you resemble Uma Thurman, John Lennon, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Billie Holiday? It is bound to make you feel like you are on the ninth cloud.  

When you enter a room full of people, you will almost instantly make your presence felt with your clever, generous, and unpredictable attitude. However, some may also perceive you as being proud and detached. But things so futile should not be bothering you because you have larger goals to attain. 

The Personality of The Moon in Aquarius: Decoding  

An Aquarius has the striving of being unconventional and unique. You have always wanted to stand out of the crowd and your innate aspirations will find expression in all your endeavors. Your ability to perceive everything from a unique perspective is the reason behind your pride. 

Your concern for perfection, however, stands applicable not just for your tasks, but also to the way the world functions around you. This is the primary reason behind the humanitarian zeal within you. You look forward to residing in a society where happiness reigns, which you believe will arrive only with a sense of intellectual competence amongst people. 

Positive Traits of The Moon in Aquarius  

The Moon in Aquarius prompts that a native will not be affected by the trivial issues around.   

You have arrived on this planet to Mark the beginning of a new social order and it is your intellect that facilitates the application of your ideas. You have an undeniable inclination towards smart people because those are the ones who enable you to retain your hope in humanity. The exchange of ideas between two intellectuals is bound to bring about positive results.  

You respect ideas and being a creative individual, can not help admiring others who are creative. You love the company of such individuals because they are not here only to extract knowledge from you, but also to offer you a share of theirs.  

You can often go overboard in your attempts to bond with people you think are like you in some respects and your objective approach allows you to understand and acknowledge differences. 

An Aquarius dearly values his/her space and will respect yours as well. 

Negative Traits of The Moon in Aquarius  

Those born under the zodiac Aquarius are apprehensive as to whether emotions can help them achieve their goals and if they do not seem to derive profit from emotional investments, they would rather not engage emotionally. This is the reason as thy you come across as alienated from the rest of society.  

It is always appreciated that you value the opinions of everyone, but they might as well disappear when you are engrossed in your work.  

The combination of Moon and Aquarius can result in unforeseen pride in one’s achievements and when someone intends to hurt their price, it can lead them to lose their self-confidence. They look forward to achieving perfection and any criticism is perceived as a potential threat.  

People should restrict themselves from offering suggestions to a lunar Aquarius because although your people should restrict across as a critique, hindering an Aquarius' way to success. However, when asked to offer your opinion, you can do so without any fear of judgment. When in a good mood, an Aquarius will be willing to pay heed to all your words and will welcome your suggestions wholeheartedly. 


Your sense of independence can, at times, make you lose your empathy. A lunar Aquarius will probably go to any extent to achieve what they aspire to and can sometimes leave behind their family in the course of pursuing their dreams. But your dreams are not here to ruin things in your life. Once you have achieved success, you will arrive at a renewed sense of the self. It will act as a reality check, offering an insight into the reality of life and you will be pushed by an urge to retain what is left with you and also to regain what you have lost on your way to the destination. 

Your attempts will not go in vain. So, keep trying to attain a balance and you definitely will.