Moon in 8th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Moon in 8th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the 8th house signifies death or rebirth of a person. The placement of Moon in the 8th house will impact the durability of life, chances of misfortune, demise, finances, well of others, financial matters of their partner, intimacy between partners, and many more. The natives with the placement of Moon in the 8th house may get detached from their spouse, which can become a disadvantage for them.

Aspects of life affected due to Moon in the 8th house

● Demise
● Wealth
● Purpose of life
● Possessions
● Fellowship

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

Natives with the arrangement of Moon in the 8th house are indefatigable and concerned about achieving the goals in their life. They seek knowledge from various sources. Besides that, they can remain tranquil even in severe situations, which can prove highly beneficial in personal as well as professional life. The natives are also tender-hearted, loyal and straightforward with other people. They stand against injustice and remain unbiased with everyone. They always think out of the box.

Natives with the arrangement of Moon in the 8th house should stay away from water bodies like river, lakes, ponds, etc. as there is risk of getting drowned. On the contrary the Moon placed in the 8th house can expand native’s life cycle and grant them enough strength to fight with crisis and mishappenings. There are also chances of receiving unexpected wealth and bonuses from inheritance or other means.

In the Birth chart the existence of the Moon in the 8th house represents that the individual is versatile and flexible to several situations, owns great psychic capabilities, have the benefit of sound health most of the time and have a command over powerful thinking ability. Besides that, disregarding the gender, natives with this arrangement acquire some feminine traits, in a positive way.

The natives with the placement of Moon in the 8th house hugely benefit financially from a business partnership. They can also benefit from oil and mining industry. The natives can be fond of religion and like to gain spiritual knowledge. They will also be intelligent, charitable, pleasant natured and enlightened. This placement makes the native interested in mystic subjects.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

Sometimes the placement of Moon in the 8th house makes the natives emotional, quick-tempered and capricious. There are higher chances of facing losses in the business. Their ability to stay strong in various situations can also put them in uncomfortable situations in some cases. It is advised for them to pay respect to elders, have trust on religion, maintain a distance from wager and put a second thought before investing in terms of business. Moon in the 8th house can impact the natives badly if they are experiencing skeletal system troubles.

Besides that, the Moon placed in the 8th house can make the nature of the native emotional. It can be clearly noticed that they are stressed by the expressions on their face. In some of the cases, the energy of the native is drained making them weak in difficult situations. This placement can often cause quarrels in their marriage. The natives will never be satisfied with what they have and will always keep looking for something more. In between 40-50 years of age the natives can lose most of their wealth.

Placement of Moon in the 8th house can make the native addictive towards alcohol, liquour, party and in some cases drugs. It can make them addictive towards sex, pleasure, porn and adultery. This can become destructive in a marriage. The natives can also face death after severe discomfort and pain in body. Although they will have a long life but they can become emotionally unstable throughout that period. The natives with this placement can be egoistic and their domestic secrets can get revealed by servants, causing more quarrels. They can also be arrogant, jealous, aroused and suspicious of their partners. They will not have a stable mind causing problems in several areas of life.


To summarize, it is recognized that natives with placement of Moon in the 8th house may get adversely disturbed by uncertainties of life. The vital point is that how they deal with these conditions and react to complicacies of life. It is advised that the natives should remain calm and do not waste their energy thinking of past mistakes. Past cannot be changed, but the future can be changed. Future can be made successful and brighter by remaining positive, learning from previous mistakes and not repeating them.