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Different celestial bodies have different effects on you. And their association with different houses can be positive or negative too. In the same way, different houses deal with different zones of line. The twelfth house of the Natal Chart deals with the unexpected and expected situations of life. This could be boundaries, hidden grief, etc.

When the association of the Moon happens with the twelfth house it brings feelings of deep attachment, craving for attention, and fragile emotions. The bearers of this position of Moon could advance in their spiritual journey as the result of this association. As per Astrology, the bearers of the Moon in the twelfth house may need solitude frequently for the detoxification of their soul. It is even seen that they are even misunderstood because of this behavior. Moreover, the association of the Moon can bring dilemmas into their life. This is one reason why bearers of the Moon in twelfth house can be good or even bad to people around them at different intervals.


● Dilemmatic Emotions.

● Introvert Behaviour.

● Solitude.

● Materialistic life.

● Behavior towards self and others.


The bearers of Moon in the twelfth house are usually the people who are very sensitive and that is the reason why they understand the perspectives of others like no one else. They care about others and that is why they are very particular about what they say so they might not end up hurting others. They also expect the same from others.

As they are good at heart, they feel for others especially for the suppressed, oppressed, and underprivileged class. They incline to do good to others. And that is why you will find them in the section of society that works for the betterment of others.


The bearers of the Moon in the twelfth house are usually the people who are very perceptive about others. They tend to think a lot and that is why they are indulged in overthinking. They at one moment can say something while on the other you will find them doing something else. They are flooded with emotions most of the time to an extent where they start attracting negative thoughts. The boundaries of negative thoughts make them irresponsible towards their work. They are usually found to be emotionally immature. They can be empathetic to you.

The presence of the Moon in the twelfth house is the reason for their emotionality. The bearers of the Moon in twelfth house are attached to the things which don’t matter to them. If it is to be explained in a workplace setting, then calling them materialistic would not be wrong. They belong to the group of people going after transient things.

Apart from this, they react numb to situations that need emotional reactions at times. That is why people around them tend to call them emotionally unavailable. You might find them reacting too harshly or weird in certain situations which is why people around them tend to label them as “bizarre”.

You will find them almost uninterested in others and they prioritize solitude over people and people think of them as anti-social. They are not into forming bonds with others and you would not find them interested in people around them. They interact with people as per their needs and this is how they prove their selfishness. They can only bond with certain people who suit their nature.

The bearers of the Moon in the twelfth house are the people who prioritize solitude. They are introverted and they pursue peace over anything. But this nature is dangerous at times for them because people tend to ignore their presence unnecessarily.


The bearers of the Moon in the twelfth house are usually people who remain confused about their emotions. They are bound with dilemmas of life to an extent were choosing a single direction for themselves is not easy. They understand the situations of others but tend to ignore them for the sake of their selfishness. They are good at heart but hate being around people. They prioritize their solace over anything in life. These are the few characteristics of people who has the Moon in their twelfth house.  

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