Moon in 11th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Moon in 11th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

The presence of this benefic celestial body that is the Moon marks as the betterment in hopes. When the Moon is found in the tenth house it indicates the vulnerabilities related to personal life whereas the presence of the Moon in the eleventh house indicates strength. It is usually claimed by the astrologers all across the world that the bearers of the Moon in the eleventh house are very much inclined towards their family for their life. They have a huge impression of them in their life. They deal with their problems along with people who are near and close to them. 


●Family Relationship.

●Professional life.

●Emotional Quotient.


●Evolution of Behaviour.


When this benefic celestial body rules the eleventh house of the Natal chart, then people are pretty inclined towards hopes, desires, and attachments. The bearers of the Moon in the eleventh house have strong desires but the better part is thatthese tend to be good most of the time. They are the one who seeks glory and being obliged by others.

The people who have Moon in their eleventh house are inclined towards socialization. You will find them meeting people, joining clubs, groups, and communal organizations. They do so because they find it great and being surrounded by many is their area of interest. They like to be surrounded by many friends whocan help and assist them in coming up with nice things. They like people who share the same ideologies and thoughts as them because this is where they find their interests. The bearers of Moon in the eleventh house love to get indulged with people outside their family too. 

When it comes to professional life, this is something where they excel because this is something at which they are very good at. Their professional graph tends to go only upwards because of their dedication and dedication to their work. They are verycooperative and understanding. That is why you will find them mostly leading in their niche industry. They usually gel up with people easily and this is one reason people like listening to them. Their aura is very positive and they carry good vibes with them. These people are very concerned about what they do socially. This is one thing that matters to them the most. This is one reason why they are known to be socially enabled people. 


The bearers of the Moon in the eleventh house mostly struggle with their emotions. In simpler words when it comes to their emotions, they deal with dilemmas. They usually have confusion about what they exactly want from life. They face many ups and downs in life which result in harm to their mental peace which is not a good sign. They have high dreams but sustaining them issomething where they struggle at because of their mood fluctuations. When it comes to discovering their goals and ambitions, they face a hard time coming up with them. Their mental restlessness is where they need to put in work a lot.

Their goodness of heart may harm them at times because when they are friends with someone, they will walk an extra mile for them. This condition makes things unfair for them because people tend to use them. This is one reason where they need to be careful and work upon their edges. They need to be neutral because devoting too much to people who don't feel the same forthem is an utter waste of time. 


The bearers of the Moon in the eleventh house are the people who are great at heart. They strive to become better versions of themselves each day but their way is too hindered because of their social surroundings. Their habit of socializing too much might result in vulnerable conditions. They are required to work on their edges of being sensible enough to know what is good and what is bad for them. Thus, it is suggested for them to socialize only with those who add on to the success quotient of their life. They have to understand who are the ones adding to their growth and whose presence could be harmful to them.Their success quotient directly depends on their efforts.