Moon in 10th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Moon in 10th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

When it comes to the tenth house of the Natal chart, this area is basically about one's profession, honor, fame, occupation, etc. The association of Moon in the tenth house is related to Profession. Hence, the presence of the Moon in the tenth house may better the situations related to your profession.

The bearers of Moon in the tenth house are usually the seekers of knowledge and they appreciate being around people who add on to the same. These people usually have a very clear vision about what they want in life or what goals motivate them. They never hesitate to shift from one job to another if the present one doesn't interest them much. Evolution is one thing that drives them for better living and this is also the reason that you will find them polishing their skills. Whereas when it comes to hard work, they aren't good at it.

Aspects of Life affected due to Moon in the Tenth House

● Name and Fame

● Leadership Qualities

● Professional life

● Leadership Qualities

● Occupation

● Goals

● Success rate

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The presence of the Moon in the tenth house is the sign of requirement for the identification, approval, acceptance, and attainments. It is usually found that the bearers of the Moon in the tenth house are very attractive and their aura is quite positive. Talking about these bearers emotionally, it is observed that these are pretty expressive when it comes to this section. Their emotionality reaches a peak when they work in a well-structured environment.

They are often found switching one career option to another in search of the perfect one in which they fit and that is something remarkable about these people having Moon in their tenth house. Their nature is humble and kind-hearted which makes them true leaders as they have an open mind to understand the situation of others. They can come up with amazing ideas during times of disputes and crises as they are followers of non-violence. These are present pursuers of peace. This quality makes them stand out from others. Their clarity about their thoughts is truly remarkable and this is one thing that makes them great as people.

The bearers of the Moon in the tenth house are the kind of people who gel up with others easily. They tend to understand the feelings and wants of the people they are working with and this is what makes them a great leader in comparison with others. They are likely to devote more time to their career rather than family as they have the Moon in the tenth house which marks their blatant professional inclination.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

As everything has its own positive and negative in the same way the bearers of the Moon in the tenth house are very much emotional. These people have their emotional battles going on that they lose their path of calling or the targeted points of their lives. Even Astrologers claim that when it comes to the personal life of these people, they often observe that their devotion and dedication towards professional life almost finish their inter-personal relationships.

They might be found anxious about their social image and can be seen struggling to meet the expectations of others which includes their family, friends, and relatives. Their confused nature lands them up in situations of dilemma related to their life goals. At one point they want to be a pilot while on the other they want to become a teacher. And like anyone else who tries to find happiness in other's expectations, they can also be seen struggling with the same thing.

Their personality is fragile and that is why they can be seen struggling even with the things in which they are good at. These traits might cause much harm to them and there are chances that they start losing on their leadership qualities which were once their strength.


The bearers of the Moon in the tenth house are people who are humble and kind-hearted but at the same time, overthinks a lot. These people put their work on priority over their family and personal life which makes them left alone in the end.

These are the people who spread good vibes wherever they are present at and this quality drives people towards them. They have the charisma that tells too much about them and their presence is extraordinarily positive.